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Knightsbridge: A Masterclass In Enchanting Interior Design

Interior design has never looked so good! Brabbu x HomeSociety’s newest project is a promising experience in design wonder and sensorial amazement! Each room in this amazing home was carefully planned and carried out to perfection, allowing for great comfort to perfectly mix with luxury and glamour. London’s homes should feel regal, and this one certainly feels both bold and majestic. Let’s dive in!

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The ‘Illustrious’ Knightsbridge Manor is located in Knightsbridge, London, and has 301,52m2 |   3 245,53sqft of astonishingly unique design choices that create an intensely unique ambience, unlike anything anyone has ever seen. 

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How a Prefab Approach Can Help Combat Escalating Material Prices

One hot issue on the minds of many in the construction industry as we near the end of the year is the rapid and continued escalation of material prices. As Brian Perlburg, senior counsel of construction law and contracts for the Associated General Contractors of America, said of the crisis in a recent Construction Divearticle, “Starting in March of this year, it just became all-consuming. It hasn’t let up. It’s become an evergreen issue.”

While Covid-19 supply chain disruptions have certainly squeezed material prices, it’s just one of many contributing causes. Factors like storms, the ongoing labor shortage and global transport delays are keeping prices high and contractors in search of workarounds. Here at SurePods, we’re no stranger to the challenges that accompany today’s volatile market. While we don’t have the hidden answer to rising material prices, we are here to work with contractors and developers on creative solutions made possible through our factory-controlled prefab bathroom approach.

By constructing bathrooms off-site, we can start prefabricating the pods on a predetermined timetable. There is no need to wait until the building has been weathered in and prices have escalated further for the numerous materials and fixtures used in a bathroom. Likewise, by consolidating trade work and keeping harsh weather off the pods, we can help mitigate market-wide delays and put control back in the hands of the builder.

This is proving to be the case for Atrium Health, a multi-phase, enterprise-wide project by DPR Construction and Rodgers Builders. As Scott MacLeod, Project Director at DPR Construction, explained: “Another major concern we were able to address through prefabrication was mitigating labor shortages resulting from a volatile pandemic environment. You can build the pods in an off-site controlled environment with more productive and therefore less labor and store them until it’s time for installation. This simplifies logistics and can also provide more control over market volatility by mitigating risk to material availability and escalating prices.”

If you’re a contractor or developer with a project in healthcare and you want to learn more about how modular bathroom pods can benefit your build in today’s market, connect with us at: [email protected].

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