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Construction Safety Week 2021: Four Ways SurePods De-Risk Jobsites


Here at SurePods, we celebrated Construction Safety Week! During the first week of May, contractors and building industry professionals work together to share resources and highlight the importance of promoting a culture of safety in construction.

As modular and prefab construction continues to gain momentum as a mainstream building method, SurePods’ commitment to de-risking jobsites remains a top priority. Safety Week 2021 focuses on construction safety from a holistic perspective, so we’re taking a look at the advantages offsite prefabrication offers and how SurePods is uniquely positioned to provide safer working conditions:

Well-lit, climate-controlled work environment

All prefabrication takes place in a climate-controlled, sheltered setting free of dangerous rain-slick floors or the merciless overhead sun. Temperatures remain consistent, supporting an ideal climate for doing one’s best work. With the absence of harsh weather conditions, the factory setting offers a more comfortable and predictable work environment.

Operations take place at ground-level

Most modular building takes place at ground-level, which largely eliminates the likelihood of injury caused by overhead debris. According to OSHA’s “Construction Focus Four” training, each hour pulled off-site and done in the factory at ground-level virtually eliminates fatalities from falls and from getting caught between hazards. With 39.2% of construction deaths related to falls and 5.1% of construction fatalities related to crushing, the single-level, pre-fab factory floor is indeed a safer place to build.

Assistance with automation

Like other modular facilities, SurePods’ multitude of automated systems contribute to the unmatched efficiency of the manufacturing process. They also promote worker wellbeing. Tasks that would otherwise require heavy lifting are simplified and made safer with automation. For example, handling gypsum in the field typically requires two people. In plants like SurePods, manufacturers add vacuum lifters that require only one person to operate.

Efficient operations and spacious settings

By reducing the number of floors where construction employees work inside (compared to outside on a vertical construction site), coordinators and managers have improved visibility of employees’ movements and can be quicker to respond to a potential hazard. Modular methods also require fewer hands-on-deck than a traditional jobsite; fewer employees mean there’s less chance of an incident.

Not only do factory-based modular methods stand to protect employees from substantial injuries compared to traditional construction sites, but the de-risked option can also lessen insurance costs for general contracting firms. Want to learn more about the added value of a de-risked jobsite during Construction Safety Week? Get in touch at [email protected].


Sustainability: SurePods’ Silent “S” – Earth Day 2021

Now more than ever, it’s important for manufacturers to support the building industry’s collective goal of using resources more efficiently and reducing material waste. While SurePods is known for its four S’s of prefab – simplicity, safety, speed and superior quality – one equally important benefit is our “silent S,” sustainability. SurePods bathroom pods help save approximately three cubic yards of waste on projects and can result in approximately $500 a month in electricity savings.

But that’s just the start. In honor of Earth Day, we’re highlighting three ways SurePods modular prefab bathroom pods can help reduce a project’s carbon footprint:

Building with recycled materials and reducing material waste: Modular bathroom pod components are largely comprised of steel and wall board – two building materials that can be produced using recycled content. SurePods relies on 100% recycled steel and 97% recycled wall board to manufacture custom bathroom pods. Thanks to precision manufacturing afforded by a factory-controlled setting, correct amounts of material are ordered and unnecessary material waste is largely eliminated. In the instance a project does yield excess material scraps, SurePods is able to repurpose it in other in-house projects.

Using durable, high-quality materials to conserve resources over the long term: In addition to reducing material waste during initial construction, high-quality prefabricated modular bathrooms help building owners conserve resources over the long-term; especially when it comes time to renovate and refresh high-use facilities. SurePods manufactures its bathroom pods using durable materials like a fully waterproof and crack-proof ceiling and USG Fiberock Aqua-Tough interior panels. Such materials provide a solid foundation for future bathroom upgrades and eliminate the need for drywall replacement. Consider the number of bathrooms in multifamily apartments, hospitals and hotel rooms, and how often they are used. By eliminating the need for unnecessary renovations in the short and long term, building materials and resources can be easily conserved.

Leaning on precision manufacturing to improve air quality and energy efficiency: One surprising green building benefit of modular prefabricated bathrooms is its role in improving air quality by reducing the potential for harmful molds. Factory-controlled environments allow for more accurate construction techniques. The Modular Building Institute explains that modular construction can improve indoor air quality because, “the modular structure is substantially completed in a factory-controlled setting using dry materials, [so] the potential for high levels of moisture being trapped in the new construction is eliminated.”

Electrical, plumbing, finishes and everything in between is constructed to exact project specifications offsite. This means that modular bathroom pods built in a factory can have tighter joints and air filtration, which, in application, allows for better wall insulation and optimized energy efficiency. Pods are also purposefully designed with energy-savings in mind. Energy efficient LEDs, low-energy consumption occupancy sensors and water-conserving fixtures, such as low-flow plumbing fixtures, are just a few examples of design features that help conserve resources and energy.

If you think your project could benefit from the green building benefits SurePods offers, let’s talk. To get started, contact us at [email protected].

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Since custom tailoring is suited to you and your family’s unique needs, bespoke fitted bathrooms may revolutionise your everyday comfort! By combining elegance and functionality, bespoke bathroom renovations reflect your household’s personality and way of living.

Built specifically to suit you and your family’s unique needs by a team of experienced bathroom renovation specialists, your everyday living can be made even easier by incorporating a few bespoke bathroom renovation ideas!

Our professionally trained team of designers at Novalé specialises in customising spaces to suit your specific demands, creating totally unique and contemporary bathroom renovations.

Novalé designers can advise you on the finest options for practicality and design, whether you’re looking for the appropriate sort of shower for your bathroom, the best porcelain tiles to utilise, or the most effective ventilation solutions.

Are you wanting a custom bathroom renovation but are unsure where to start? To get a clearer picture, let’s have a look at three recent bathroom renovations in Newcastle to get you inspired for your own bathroom renovation ideas.

Bathroom Renovation Bar Beach

Beautiful bathrooms are created by perfectly combining finishes and textures in the overall design. For this Newcastle bathroom renovation, the dark brown textured vanity and matching wall mirror contrasts perfectly with the gold fixtures and glossy components of the tiles.



Certain decorative components may give a bathroom a luxurious appearance even if the space isn’t especially large. For instance, the décor displays in this Bar Beach bathroom renovation has a lovely blend of gorgeous, natural materials, graceful forms, and remarkable transparency.

Plants are another excellent bathroom renovation idea to liven up a basic looking bathroom. Aloe Vera and the low light loving Chinese evergreen are resilient plants that thrive in humid conditions. Both are excellent choices that will add a touch of green to your bathroom and improve the air quality.



Bathroom Renovation Maitland

In terms of bathroom renovation ideas and concepts, bespoke designs are limitless – the possibilities are truly infinite. Our experienced bathroom designers pay close attention to detail, ensuring that the aesthetics and functionality of your new bathroom renovations are precisely as you imagined and perfectly compliment the rest of your home.

Allow yourself to be engulfed in the luxury of this wallpaper. Colour has a lot of power in bathroom renovations. The correct colour in the right place may have a stunning aesthetic effect and significantly impact the overall design and ambience.



Novalé takes pleasure in creatively designing multi-purpose storage solutions, tailoring your bathroom renovation ideas to meet any spatial constraints. Custom modern designs maximise storage capacity, like in this Newcastle bathroom renovation where the mirror and vanity are both custom built to match each other and make use of all the valuable space for additional cupboard space.

No room shape is too complex for our team of professionals to design your dream bathroom renovation ideas within any constraints and provide a completely functional area that meets your demands.

This bathroom renovation Maitland is full of smart bathroom renovation ideas for storage. These built-in cupboards and niches hide the bathroom clutter much better than standalone units, which can appear bulky and are more difficult to clean. Our designers also included a small shelf in the mirror vanity to display attractive décor items. Plus, a shallow wall niche around the bathtub to conveniently store necessary products and attractive décor items.



Bathroom Renovation Noraville

Due to a lack of space or privacy concerns, bathrooms are often stuck with small windows. So, since this Newcastle bathroom renovation has breathtaking views, our Novalé designers just had to make the most of it!

Novalé designers selected an extra-large window behind the stunning freestanding bathtub for a truly outstanding luxury experience with a beautiful view. This tub is exactly what we like about the contemporary freestanding tub variations since the simple design doesn’t overtake the view. Yet the fantastic form and design of the freestanding bath quickly take this Newcastle bathroom renovation to new heights of luxury. What a look!



While often bathroom lighting isn’t the first bathroom renovation idea our clients think of, there are many ways that light may influence the overall ambience and appearance of a bathroom. On the one hand, having too much light in the bathroom can be an eyestrain. But subtle accent lighting applied judiciously in the space, on the other hand, can deliver the best balance of lighting.

For a clever bathroom renovation idea, the accent lighting above the mirror in this Noraville bathroom allows light to bounce evenly over the face, eliminating shadows and glare when getting ready.



Begin Your Bespoke Bathroom Renovations with Novalé

Whether you are looking for bathroom renovators for an apartment bathroom renovation in Ashfield or small bathroom renovation ideas, Novalé’s highly experienced teams are available to help you produce a beautiful and highly functional small bathroom design in Sydney.

When beginning research on bathroom renovators for your small bathroom renovation project, consider including Novalé Bathrooms in your shortlist. We offer bathroom renovations in Newcastle to bathroom renovations in Alexandria, as well as Bathroom Renovations across Sydney and all the way to bathroom renovations in the Central Coast. For a complete list of the Areas We Service, see here.

Our small renovations teams are ready to start building you a fantastic modern bathroom design. We implement a unique 4 step bathroom renovation process, and we encourage potential customers to read the 4reasons to choose Novalé. Additionally, you can read our testimonials and reviews to learn about the experience others have had to renovate with Novalé. For more information on how we transform your bathroom, please get in contact with the Novalé team on 1800 NOVALÉ.

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