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How Often Should You Update Your Bathroom?

If you’ve landed on this page, it means you’re wondering whether it’s time to update your bathroom.

Bathroom updates aren’t something that happen all too often and can be a costly job. But as the years go by, things can start to rust, break or, you simply might just hate the décor of your bathroom as seasons change.

Key Signs Your Bathroom Needs an Update

If you’re thinking about selling your property, a nice bathroom will add to the value of your home.Most of your bathroom products have extreme wear and tear damage.Your bathroom is looking extremely outdated.
Woman updating her bathroom

How Often Should You Update Your Bathroom?

Experts at LT Plumbing say you should update your bathroom every 7 -10 years. This is based on the general lifespan of bathroom products as they can become damaged through wear and tear. This is also based around trends, opting for neutral, timeless colours will avoid your bathroom looking dated or ‘out of fashion’ quick.

A great example of how you can keep the same bathroom design and just update features


Of course, this is only a suggested estimate and bathroom products can last much longer.

Big Bathroom Shop has industry leading guarantees on all our products for long lasting durability – we do spoil you!

Continue reading this article to find out how often even the of bathroom products should be replaced such as bath mats and toothbrushes – it will shock you!

If It’s Falling Apart – It Needs An Update

If you’ve had the same bathroom for over 7 years, things can start to stop working, rusting, leaking and other annoying wear and tear. As we mentioned above, the lifetime span of a bathroom, on average, tends to be between 7-10 years.

An Example Of A Rusty Old Shower Head, In Need Of Replacing!

Of course, if looked after well and you’re happy with your décor. There’s no reason to say you can’t wait longer to update.

We all know, a new bathroom isn’t cheap. It’s a costly project, so we would always suggest keeping the bath and vanity unit as long as possible and spend less by only updating your fixtures and fittings.

For example, in the last few years black taps and showers have completely knocked chrome off the favourite finish shelf. So instead of ripping out your entire bathroom, why not just upgrade to a more fashionable finish and style?

Update bathroom with black tap

If You Are Thinking About Selling Your Home, You May Need to Update Your Bathroom.

Selling home, house for sale

When selling your home, you want to get the most you can for it and believe it or not, a fresh, new bathroom will add more value for your home.

According to Property Market, ‘29% of homes sold in 2019 had a new bathroom fitted, so a full update might be the key to selling fast and earning more.’

Given that the Kitchen & Bathroom is one of the most important rooms, it should be the first space you want to tackle updating before putting your home on the market.

Resi, states ‘Typically, bathrooms have the potential to add between 4-5% onto your home’s value’.

We know what you’re thinking, ‘why would I spend thousands on a new bathroom, I won’t even be using’ and we understand your dismay.

But a new suite will be a huge selling point for selling your home and can even increase the price.

Updating your bathroom can increase the value of your property

That being said, we will always provide you with some tips on how to keep the price down whilst making sure your bathroom is show stopping brilliant:

Keep your existing layout, moving sanitary ware such as baths or toilets would mean relocating pipes, which would add cost.If your bathroom furniture is in good condition, focus on only updating the walls/ floors. This could be adding a lick of paint (keep the colours muted/ neutral) or changing the floor tiles.If your bathroom is big enough, make sure you include a shower/bath. This will appeal to families with small children.

If You Don’t Like Your Bathroom, It’s Time to Update/ Renovate.

Perhaps you might have moved into your home some time ago and only just managed to get the money together to renovate the bathroom that never really fit your style.

Now, is the perfect time to start that bathroom renovation. Especially if this is a home you are planning to stay in for the next 30 years!

Before Image Photo Credit: @renovatingwaltonhouse

After Image of a bathroom that has utilised a small space and kept style
Photo Credit:@renovatingwaltonhouse

Depending on your budget there are a few products we would recommend you include in your bathroom. They are this season’s must haves!

Wall Hung Furniture are beautiful modern bathroom pieces that will help save space in your cloakroom, bathroom, or en-suite.

Black fixtures are everywhere at the minute and it’s no wonder when they look this good. The Big Bathroom Shop Nero collection is filled with silky, matt shower sets, taps and shower enclosures.

Inspired by urban living and statement décor, find a whole collection available to help you create a harmonised space.

@@buckinghamrenovation displaying how beautiful black bathroom features can look.

‘So, how often should we update other aspects of our bathroom?’, I hear you ask. Of course we have the answers for the smaller changes…

How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush?

Changing your toothbrush is not something people do often enough. Resulting in your toothbrush becoming less effective and covered in bacteria.

A survey conducted by Carisbrook Dental, found that Woman change their toothbrush twice as often as men.

Experts from Oral B recommend changing your toothbrush every three months. Over time your toothbrush bristles will become frayed. Worn out bristles will be harsher on your gums and will not clean your teeth properly.

How Often Should You Update Your Shower Curtain or Bath Mat?

Depending on what your bath mat is made of, they generally they last up to 2 years. That is of course depending on how often you wash them.

As you can imagine they gather a lot of dirt and dust, so it’s important to wash them every week to keep them bacteria free.

The job of a bathmat is to catch the water from our bodies when we step out of the shower, so it’s inevitable they will get extremely wet. Therefore, it’s extremely important to always allow your bath mat to dry out after every use.

You can either pop them on your towel rail or radiator to keep them dry and toasty warm.

Shower curtains are notorious for collecting bacteria that can often turn into mould – we’ve all been there.

To avoid this from happening, make sure you scrub the curtain – this is a good option for plastic liner shower curtains, or pop it in the washing machine if made from fabric.

As soon as your shower curtain starts to look grubby or smelly, try to replace it every few months.

The post How Often Should You Update Your Bathroom? written by Rikki Fothergill appeared first on Big Bathroom Shop.

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A Buyer’s Guide To Modern Showers

Modern Shower Styles For A Refreshing Bathroom Reset

When you really think about it, a shower system has to be considered one of the utmost important fixtures within a home – it provides the facility to kick off your day in a wholly revitalizing manner.

So, for the many people who count a refreshing showering experience as an integral part of their daily routine, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on an immense variety of contemporary showers to ponder when upgrading your system.

Think premium performance, stunning aesthetics and ease of usability. All elements that will play a part in punctuating the profile of a perfect modern shower system addition, and enable the user to enjoy an efficiently invigorating shower with regularity for many years to come.

As such, the selection and buying of a modern shower really can prove to be one of the most integral decisions you make, certainly in terms of additions you make to your home, and more specifically, bathroom.

Don’t be daunted by the sheer wealth of modern shower ideas available, though. Allow Big Bathroom Shop to steer you through an ultra-stylish contemporary shower system landscape, dropping handy hints and tips along the way to ensure you ultimately arrive at the right modern shower choice.

What To Consider For Modern Showers

Milano Amara Thermostatic Shower w/ Recessed Shower Head

Before diving straight into shopping for modern showers, there’s a few things to take heed of, that might even help you to eliminate certain models from your thinking from the off.

Basically, you should consider which sort of domestic water system is in use at your home, in addition to the water pressure that is operational throughout the property.

The importance of these two simple factors cannot be underestimated – they can play a huge role in determining which types of contemporary showers represent suitable options for your bathroom specifically.

Essentially, the water pressure within your home will largely dictate how powerful the performance of any modern shower will be, and realistically which type you can install.

There’s a simple means to measure water pressure as detailed in our blog on How To Create An Amazing Showering Experience. However, if you aren’t totally confident in drawing up the correct calculations, you can enlist the services of a professional plumber for peace of mind.

With regards to the water system, you’ll typically find that UK properties tend to be built with one of three specific types. We’ll explain how to identify which sort your home incorporates below.

What Type Of Water System Do You Have?

Gravity Fed Water Systems

Milano Ryukyu Modern Concealed Thermostatic Shower Tower Panel w/ Waterfall Shower Head, Hand Shower & Body Jets

The most common type to be found within UK households, gravity fed water systems typically feature a cold water tank (often housed in an attic area), along with a water cylinder (usually stored in a closet or airing cupboard).

Such systems can be susceptible to providing low water pressure, however it is possible to enhance the pressure via the fitting of a shower pump.

A single pump has the facility to feed into multiple modern showers at the same time as well, making them a very worthy addition to larger properties with two or more working shower systems.

Combi Boiler Water Systems

Milano Orta Chrome Thermostatic Shower w/ Shower Head & Hand Shower

Typically, combi boiler water systems will include a boiler in the absence of water cylinders or tanks. They are designed to heat up water as and when it is distributed via the connected shower, taps or other water outlets.

Generally speaking, combi boilers tend to offer the highest level of water pressure, and they can be teamed alongside a shower mixer to deliver hot water to order when required.

Unvented Water Systems

Milano Nero Black Shower w/ Wall Mounted Round Shower Head

In the case of unvented water systems, a boiler or immersion heater raise the temperature of a water cylinder under high pressure.

This enables mass quantities of hot water to be supplied to modern showers and other water outlets within the home.

After you’ve identified which sort of water system is present in your home, and gauged an idea of the water pressure levels too, you’ll have formed a general idea regarding which sort of modern showers will be suited to your property specifically.

Furthermore, you’ll be aware of any sort of extra shower accessories you might need to guarantee your chosen component is working to its full capacity, such as shower pumps.

Essentially, determination of the correct water pressure and water system can help you narrow your modern shower system search down considerably, right from the off.

What Are The Main Types Of Modern Showers?

There’s a broad array of modern shower styles on the market, each offering their own unique advantages and in some instances, minor drawbacks as well.

We’ll dive deeper into the properties and features of each main type shortly, but first enjoy a brief overview of the various available models…

Thermostatic Mixer Showers

Milano Arvo Chrome Thermostatic Shower w/ Diverter, Ceiling Mounted Shower Head & Hand Shower

Milano Lisse Modern Concealed Shower  Tower Panel w/ Wall Mounted Square Shower Head, Hand Shower & Body Jets

Thermostatic mixer showers boast a thermostatic shower valve, which allows the shower to deliver water which remains at a consistent set temperature.

They represent an especially prudent modern shower choice for family households in which elderly adults or young children make use of the shower facilities, given that they pose a much lower scalding risk.

Manual Mixer Showers

With manual mixer showers, both hot and cold water supplies are combined with manual functionality.

A fairly no-nonsense contemporary shower selection, manual mixer shower systems are simple to install and offer excellent ease of usability.

Digital Showers

Milano Vis Chrome Thermostatic Digital Shower w/ Glass Grabbing Shower Head & Hand Shower

Milano Vis Concealed Digital Shower Tower Panel w/ Round Recessed Shower Head, Body Jets & Hand Shower

Digital showers can essentially pertain to take the form of a new-age, ultra-modern thermostatic mixer shower. Basically, this shower style utilises digital technology to enable the user to program a set water temperature that will not fluctuate.

Depending on how advanced a model you potentially invest in, you could source a digital shower system with the capability to be regulated via a smartphone, remote control or alternate device.

Smart Showers

Another style to retain distinct possibilities with thermostatic mixer showers, smart shower systems do so in a yet more technologically savvy sense than even digital models do.

Smart showers seamlessly integrate with other smart home systems including the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Nest, so you can control water settings like flow and temperature via voice activation settings.

Power Showers

Milano Astley Modern Corner Thermostatic Shower Tower Panel w/ Large Shower Head, Hand Shower, Body Jets & Shelf

Milano Select Chrome Thermostatic Mixer Shower w/ Shower Head, Hand Shower & Riser Rail

Power showers are another type renowned for offering an efficient, hassle-free installation means.

They operate by taking water from both hot and cold water feeds, incorporating a key internal pump which bolsters water pressure to deliver an altogether more gratifying showering experience.

Electric Showers

Another modern shower style that is quick and easy to fit, electric showers are often confused for power showers due to their similar aesthetic. Such is the makeup of electric shower systems to include their own heating element, they are able to work with only a cold water supply intact.

Of course, the technical aspects of modern shower systems are a crucial consideration. However, you shouldn’t allow the ‘nuts and bolts’ elements completely dictate which type of shower you opt for.

Once you are satisfied you’re shopping in the right category of contemporary showers to suit your water system and pressure levels, you can go about selecting a style that meets your preferences from an appearance perspective.

Classic chrome, as well as brilliant bronze and black are amongst the most readily available modern shower finishes, so there’s versatility abound in terms of something to suit contemporary bathroom décor.

As earlier alluded to, there’s an immense variety of modern shower room ideas to wade through, so you can be confident of identifying the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics to enhance your specific bathroom space.

Thermostatic Mixer Showers

The mixer controls contained within these showers feature a thermostatic valve which will make sure water is maintained at a constant temperature. Exactly what the temperature is set to can be determined and altered by any users manually.

What results is a supreme choice with regards to family households, in which small children or elderly adults will regularly make use of the modern shower cubicles present. The increased reliability concerning temperature control makes them such a stellar pick from a safety perspective.

In order to successfully fit a working thermostatic mixer shower, you’ll need a hot and cold water supply with a water pressure of 0.1 bar or more.

You can also top up the water flow, if you would prefer, via the use of an electric pump.

Key advantages, as well advertised previously in the article, are the safety features of thermostatic mixer shower systems. They offer, on a basic level, a reduced scalding risk, with the water temperature completely unaffected by the use of other water outlets elsewhere in the home.

Manual Mixer Showers

Manual mixer showers are a perfect selection for settings that boast a strong hot water supply in cohesion with lofty water pressure.

This sort of modern shower combines both hot and cold water supplies so it can be set to the user’s ideal temperature any time they set foot within the shower enclosure. They are also very easy to initially install and simple to operate thereafter.

The same basic requirements exist for manual mixer showers as they do with thermostatic versions – both hot and cold water supplies must be present with a minimum water pressure gauge of 0.1 bar.

Usually providing a cheaper alternative to mixer showers with thermostatic properties, manual mixer shower systems are very much advantageous from an ease of installation and use perspective.

Given their inferior safety features in comparison however, manual mixer showers are perhaps better suited to adult-only households.

Milano Mirage Chrome Thermostatic Shower w/ Diverter, Overflow Bath Filler & Hand Shower

Digital Showers

As aforementioned, digital showers can largely be defined as a jazzed up, technologically enhanced version of thermostatic mixer models. They are able to provide meticulous water temperature control due to the presence of a standard processor.

Certain digital shower systems offer remote control functionality, allowing users to regulate water temperature and flow rate at the touch of a button via smartphone or an alternate device. An excellent generational innovation that enables you to get your shower up and running in prime condition ready for when you enter.

Both concealed and exposed shower valves can accompany digital showers as well, as well as specific digital valves, so you can be sure to find the right key fitting to enhance any modern shower room aesthetic.

To successfully fit a working digital shower, you’ll require hot and cold water supplies in addition to an electrical supply, plus a minimum 0.1 bar water pressure level. As with thermostatic showers, you can team electric pumps with digital systems to boost water flow, if you would prefer.

Ultimately, digital showers derive the utmost popularity for a combination of safety features, simple-to-use controls and cutting edge convenience elements such as remote control utility. Typically, they’ll boast ultra-contemporary looks as well, making for a seamless blend within a modern bathroom setting.

Smart Showers

Right at the very forefront of modern shower technology sit smart showers, which could loosely be referred to as a savvier, more modernised version of a digital shower system.

Smart showers can provide users with a truly tailored showering experience, with customisable features and settings applicable to water flow, temperature and timings in terms of when to switch on and off.

Many smart shower systems also offer touchless control, with in-built sensors constituting extremely easy usability. Plus, remote control functionality is again a regular feature amongst several smart shower models.

Hot and cold water supplies are again needed, with a minimum 1 bar water pressure level also required for smart showers to thrive. And an electric pump can be fitted to boost water flow, if a more immersive shower coverage better suits the preferences of the user.

Perfect for gadget lovers, smart showers’ main advantages stem from their capability to deliver a fully customised showering experience even without having to touch a single button. Most smart shower systems can be linked to voice activation devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa components.

Furthermore, you can create safety-specific shower programmes for any children or elderly relatives who might make use of your modern shower enclosure. All in all, they represent an excellent investment for the tech-savvy modern bathroom shopper, who loves to keep up to date with all the very latest home tech innovations.

Milano Vis Chrome Thermostatic Digital Shower w/ Square Recessed Shower Head, Hand Shower & Body Jets

Power Showers

The term ‘power showers’ is bandied about with great regularity, often times in reference to any sort of contemporary shower system that outputs a vigorous flow rate. But they are a modern shower type in and of themselves in actual fact.

Power showers incorporate an integrated shower pump, and are fed water from each of the hot and cold water supplies to provide an enhanced water flow.

Both thermostatic and manual versions of power showers exist, so you can select the style best reflective of your household needs. Generally, manual power showers will tend to be less expensive than thermostatic options.

Either type makes for an excellent addition to a home with low pressure water systems, especially those with gravity fed networks, though a consistently reliable water supply is a necessity. Again, hot and cold water supplies are required along with a minimum water pressure gauge of 0.1 bars.

Perhaps the biggest beneficial aspect of power showers as a modern shower selection is the fact that they can bolster water pressure even in the absence of an extra water pump.

Electric Showers

Often confused with power showers in several scenarios, electric showers actually represent one of the most common modern shower types available, due in no small part to their versatility. Essentially, they are suitable for fitting in almost any property.

Electric showers feature their own heating units, meaning they can operate irrespective of a connected hot water supply – a fact that makes them an especially prudent choice for the likes of bathroom en-suites or particularly small downstairs modern shower rooms.

Only a cold water supply is required with a minimum 0.1 bar water pressure gauge for a successful electric shower installation. However, the fitting must be completed by a qualified plumber and electrician. So be sure to factor in additional costs for these services when considering your modern shower budget.

Probably the biggest plus point with regards to electric showers is their suitability for any setting, along with their economical and efficient performance quality, and the fact that the temperature of the water they deliver is unaffected by any other outlets within the home.

Milano Arcadia Chrome Thermostatic Shower w/ Round Shower Head & Bath Spout

Selecting The Right Modern Shower Head

Once you’ve zoned in on the perfect style of modern shower to add to your home, you can begin to think about which sort of shower head will best line up with your modern shower room ideas.

Contrasting shower head styles can have a massive influence not only on the aesthetics of the bathroom, but also on the way in which your modern shower system actually operates.

There’s four main styles of modern shower heads on the market, so we’ve put together a brief overview of each type below…

Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads

Arguably the most in-vogue option with regards to statement modern shower head style, ceiling mounted shower heads offer an entirely streamlined appearance, with the fixture failing to impact on any surrounding space.

Both square and rounded designs can be fit within the ceiling itself to create an ultra-contemporary look, and deliver a fully immersive shower experience with full coverage from above. They are an especially tempting option to team with modern shower systems that can provide a rainfall effect water flow.

Milano Nero Black Modern Square Ceiling Mounted Recessed Shower Head

Riser Kit Shower Heads

Riser kit shower heads are parked into a fixed bracket attached to the shower enclosure wall, and are adjustable depending on the height of the user for a more comfortable shower. Furthermore, they can be detached from their fixed or ‘resting’ position for targeted showering – homing in a specific area of the body or even for rinsing the modern shower cubicle.

An expansive array of riser kit shower head designs exist so you can be confident of finding a style to suit your tastes, and they’re certainly worth looking into as a fail-safe, simple shower head option.

Milano Mirage Chrome Modern Round Twin Diverter Thermostatic Valve w/ Handshower

Fixed Shower Heads

With fixed shower heads, which are amongst the very most popular available styles, the shower head can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted dependent upon personal preference, each providing a clean, luxurious aesthetic.

As such, fixed shower heads bore their main advantages from a looks perspective. They’re ideal for accentuating an elegant modern bathroom appearance, but are perhaps not the finest option for busy family bathroom areas, as they can’t be adjusted for more flexible usability.

Again, a wealth of fixed shower head designs exist, so if you do decide the style is right for you, there’ll be no trouble identifying attractive models for contemporary or traditional bathroom interiors.

Milano Elizabeth Brushed Gold Traditional Apron Shower Head & Wall Arm

Combination Shower Heads

There’s the best of both worlds, at least from a functionality point of view, with combination shower heads. In essence, this shower head type features both detachable and fixed shower heads to provide the utmost level of versatility.

Although you could fear multiple heads resulting in a cluttered look, the plethora of stylishly streamlined combination shower head sets available means such worries are unfounded.

You can create a classy appearance with the best aspects from both fixed shower heads and adjustable riser kits factored in with regards to usability.

Milano Arvo Chrome Thermostatic Shower w/ Diverter, Recessed Shower Head & Hand Shower

Choosing The Right Modern Shower Valves

Another supporting element that has to be considered when investing in a new modern shower system is which sort of valves you opt for, as well. Two main types exist in the form of concealed and exposed shower valves, with single, double and sometimes triple versions available in each style. So you can select the ideal version in accordance with the number of outlets your modern shower features…

Concealed Shower Valves

Concealed shower valves are a particularly popular pick for modern shower room areas in which slick, streamlined designer flair is the order of the day.

As their moniker suggests, concealed valves are barely visible, with their working parts cleverly masked by the wall they are attached to. The only parts to be clearly seen tend to be the controls attached to a back plate which are connected directly to the wall.

When fitted in cohesion with fixed shower heads, concealed shower valves will feed straight into the ceiling or wall. If you install concealed valves to work with a riser kit or shower hose, by contrast, an extra outlet will usually be used to feed into the component.

The space-saving, sleek profile of concealed shower valves probably has the strongest claims with regards to reasoning for their immense popularity.

Exposed Shower Valves

They’ll typically take the eye instantly, with exposed shower valves visible on the exterior of shower walls.

Again, there’s a multitude of different exposed valve designs available to suit any bathroom layout or style. Shower bar valves are the most common type of model available.

In the case of exposed valves, riser kits, shower pipes or hoses will connect to the valve directly.

All in all, they’re an easy-to-install and comparatively inexpensive shower valve solution, if perhaps not providing the same level of aesthetic appeal for modern bathroom interiors as their concealed counterparts.

Milano Clarus Brushed Gold Modern Manual Shower Valve

Combining Features For A Perfect Modern Shower

Once you understand the key features that combine to make the right modern shower system for you, you can work out whether all main components fall within your budget, and start putting together your dream setup.

Of course, a simpler and potentially more cost-effective way to do so can be to invest in modern shower bundles or shower panels, which will often incorporate all the elements you crave into a single component.

Indeed, sleek shower towers will typically incorporate a shower head, often offering rainfall flow functionality, as well as in-built valves and simple touch-button or touchless controls.

As alluded to, they can make for a simple but effortlessly stylish means to bring ideal modern shower aesthetics and practicality to your bathroom in one fell swoop.

Alternatively, you can put together your own bespoke perfect modern shower package by selecting a shower head in your ideal shape, along with the perfect accompanying valves and control panels.

Shop Modern Shower Systems With Big Bathroom Shop

No matter which sort of modern shower style you have your heart set on, there’s an excellent array of options available from Big Bathroom Shop, seamlessly combining outstanding aesthetics with premium quality functionality.

If you would like any further help or advice with regards to selecting the perfect modern shower system for your bathroom space, or have any other pressing bathroom concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

You can leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or contact us via InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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From Winning Medals To Buying Her First Home – Katie Ormerod Gives Her Advice

From Winning Medals To Buying Her First Home

Katie Ormerod

Katie Ormerod is an Olympic Snowboarder overall world cup slopestyle champion and 11x world cup medalist. So, it’s safe to say that she has accomplished more than enough in her 23 years.

Even though Katie lives an extraordinary lifestyle she still faces the same first-time obstacles that life throws at everyone 20-odd year old, including buying her first home.

new home owner

If you’re a first-time buyer, then sit tight because Katie has plenty of pearls of wisdom to share with you. As well as, discussing her beautiful bathroom transformation that we have been lucky enough to be a part of.

Lets get stuck in…

Hi Katie, Tell Us A Little Bit About Your New Home?

katie ormerod bathroom
Katie in her beautiful new bathroom

Hey! So, my house is a 3 bedroom period property built in the Victorian era. It has beautiful high ceilings and some original features, such as old gas lamp holders, Victorian fireplaces and ceiling roses, which add a lot of character to my home.

When You Were Looking To Purchase A Property, Were There Any Key Features You Were Looking For?

London property

When I was looking to buy a house, I had no idea what I was looking for. I didn’t really know anything about houses and was unsure about the style of house I actually liked.

I knew I wanted a doer-upper as a fun project to do, but It wasn’t until I walked into the house that I purchased that I knew exactly what my preferred style of property was.

I loved that it was a period home that had lots of potential and could immediately see a vision of what I wanted it to be like once I had renovated it. All the rooms are very spacious with high ceilings and it has a good sized south-facing garden which was a huge plus.

If There Is One Thing You Wish You Knew Before The Buying Journey Began, What Would It Be And Why?

I found the buying process fairly straight forward, although I was lucky enough to get help from my parents. I think that if you really love a house and you get a good feel when you walk in to it, then it will probably be the one.

I would say that the one thing I didn’t anticipate was how long the renovation process would take.

As I wanted a doer-upper, I wanted to renovate the whole house, including knocking walls down and stripping every room of wallpaper and having some walls re-plastered. As I wanted this to be a project, I decided to take on as much as I could myself which was a huge learning curve.


I had no idea where to start but I got stuck in with the renovations and learnt so many new skills, which also saved me a lot of money – for example I did all the decorating myself, stripped the whole bathroom myself and I was lucky enough that my Dad wanted to help with the renovations too, so he did the more complex parts that I was unable to do.

It took me just over a year to complete my house, so if you are wanting to do a full home renovation, just bear in mind that it won’t be finished overnight – it takes time and patience. Enjoying the process is key.

Whilst Looking At Properties Did You Focus On Bathroom Potential?

The Bathroom was one of the most important rooms when looking at properties. I knew I wanted to ideally fit in a free standing bath and separate shower, so was looking at houses that had big enough rooms to tailor that.

My bathroom now is very spacious – it’s the perfect size for me to comfortably fit everything in that I wanted and didn’t have to compromise. It’s a rectangular shaped room, so I spent many hours drawing up different designs and ideas of where everything would best fit in the bathroom.

katie ormerod bathroom before

We Can’t Believe How Fabulous Your Bathroom Transformation Is, Where Did You Pull Your Inspiration From?

katie ormerod bathroom before

I spent around 6 weeks finding inspiration and doing research to find out exactly what kind of bathroom I wanted. I knew that my bathroom was going to be one of the main features in my home, so didn’t want to rush any decisions in choosing what I wanted. 

I quickly found a passion for interior design after buying my house and I thoroughly enjoyed the process and took inspiration from multiple home magazines, Pinterest and Instagram. 

bathroom mood board

I quickly found that I loved the contemporary designs with black features and taps, so I knew that this was something I wanted for my bathroom. 

I loved the minimalist look, so spent time choosing products that not only looked great, but also fit comfortably and saved space where I could – which is why I made decisions such as choosing a wall-hung sink over a more traditional styled one. 

modern basin

I wanted the overall finish to be modern and classy, so decided to pair flat white metro tiles with black grout, but also leave 2 of the walls only half tiled so that I could add a splash of colour to the walls above. 

I really wanted a pale pink room and decided that the bathroom would be perfect for that as it pairs beautifully with the black and white features. 

traditional tiles

I also wanted to add a bit of a traditional style into the bathroom, so chose Victorian style patterned floor tiles, which go perfectly with the rest of the bathroom.

I had to be bold and decisive when making decisions for my bathroom and as no one I know has a bathroom even close to being similar to the style that I wanted, so I had to be brave and trust my vision – It paid off!

Honest Answer, Has A Freestanding Bathtub Changed Your Life?

Yes! I love my freestanding bathtub! It is so comfortable and relaxing and makes taking a bath feel so much more luxurious than before. It is also an eye-catcher to visitors and guests – everybody loves it.

irwell freestanding bath

What’s Your Favourite Product From Big Bathroom Shop & Why?

I must’ve looked at every online bath shop there is but found that Big Bathroom Shop had everything that I wanted in my bathroom vision.

I love all my products, but in particular the Milano Nero – Modern Freestanding bath shower mixer tap with hand shower. It couldn’t be more perfect for my bathroom and the house as a whole as it puts a modern twist on a traditional design.

Freestanding bath tap

Shower area

Shop The Look

Milano Irwell – White Modern Oval Double-Ended Freestanding Bath – 1595mm x 740mm

Milano Irwell Bath

Milano Nero – Modern Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Tap with Hand Shower – Black

Modern Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Tap

Milano Nero – Black Quadrant Shower Enclosure – Choice of Sizes

Milano Farington - White Modern Rectangular Wall Hung Basin - 460mm x 420mm (1 Tap-Hole)

Milano Nero – Mono Basin Mixer Tap – Black

Milano Nero - Mono Basin Mixer Tap - Black

The post From Winning Medals To Buying Her First Home – Katie Ormerod Gives Her Advice written by Rikki Fothergill appeared first on Big Bathroom Shop.

Milano Elizabeth Traditional Showers – The Ultimate Buying Guide

With the beautifully designed Milano Elizabeth shower collection, creating your dream bathroom that oozes luxury and elegance is easy to achieve. 

Available in a range of gorgeous finishes, the Elizabeth showers are the perfect blend of traditional design and modern showering functionality, bringing a classic feel to your bathroom, whilst offering a sensational shower experience. 

With such a huge selection of Elizabeth showers, we understand that it’s not an easy task choosing the right one that enhances both your bathroom design and meets your showering requirements.

So, to help you out, we have created this ultimate buying guide that will hopefully point you in the right direction.

Milano Elizabeth Showers – Exquisite Traditional Details & Opulent Finishes

The majestic Elizabeth shower range certainly makes a statement, yet brings opulence and timeless appeal to your bathroom, allowing you to create a look that will never fall out of fashion. 

The Elizabeth shower heads and shower valves feature exquisite traditional details, which really will set your bathroom apart from the rest. After all, it’s the small details that make all the difference.

The range of opulent finishes will also make your bathroom stand out from the crowd, whether you want to keep things classy with chrome or add some vintage chic with gold or bronze, we’ve made it easy to create the look you truly desire.

Exquisite Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finishes

The Milano Elizabeth brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze showers are hand-finished – this means that the colour and tone slightly differs between products of the same finish, creating a bathroom that’s unique and authentic. 

The gold and bronze finish is moisture-blemish resistant too, meaning less of those annoying water spots.

The oil rubbed bronze and brushed gold showers have what’s known as a living finish that naturally patinas over time, which creates a vintage appearance. 

As the surface reacts with the environment and daily use, the showers begin to develop their own unique patina that transforms and ages with time. The changes you’ll see are what give the products real character.

Enjoy a Relaxing Shower Experience with a Milano Elizabeth Shower Head

The simply stunning Milano Elizabeth traditional shower heads come in a choice of sizes and finishes, including chrome, brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze, to further elevate the look of your bathroom. 

Each one delivers luxurious rainfall water coverage, giving you the most calming and soothing shower experience. 

The Elizabeth shower head features an apron style design for that perfect traditional look and that’s sure to create an eye-catching focal point within your bathroom.

Elizabeth Shower Head Features:

150mm, 200mm and 300mm diametersChrome, brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze finishesCan be wall or ceiling mountedTraditional apron designLuxurious rainfall water coverageSwivel jointSolid brass constructionLong life 10 year guarantee

The Elizabeth shower heads have been crafted to the highest standards from solid brass for guaranteed durability with an exceptionally hard-wearing finish. 

Each shower head has a swivel joint that allows you to easily adjust it to the desired angle and can be fitted with the matching wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted arm, which again has a solid brass construction.

In addition to the apron shower heads, there’s also the Milano Elizabeth hand shower, which is available to purchase separately or as part of a shower riser rail kit, complete with matching hose and outlet elbow. 

The hand shower has been crafted from brass with a ceramic handle and delivers a refreshing spray of water. This also comes in chrome, brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze finishes.

Enjoy Effortless Control with a Milano Elizabeth Shower Valve

The exquisitely crafted Milano Elizabeth thermostatic shower valves give you precise temperature control for your perfect shower experience. 

Just like the traditional shower heads, the shower valves come in brushed gold, oil rubbed bronze and chrome finishes, making it easy for you to create a coordinated look. 

The chrome shower valves are available with white or black ceramic detailing, giving you an extra option. 

What’s more, you can also select from a concealed valve if you want to create a streamlined finish or an exposed design for a stand-out traditional look.

Elizabeth Thermostatic Shower Valve Features

Chrome, brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze finishesOne, two and three outlet optionsBeautiful traditional designThermostatic temperature controlEasy-to-use lever and crosshead handlesCeramic detailingAnti-scald technologySolid brass constructionCeramic disc technologyLong life 10 year guarantee

Milano Elizabeth traditional thermostatic shower valves have a solid brass construction for outstanding strength and a luxury feel, whilst the hard-wearing finish will stand the test of time. 

The lever and crosshead handles allow you to control your shower with ease and the built-in anti-scald technology adds total peace of mind when showering.

With one, two and three outlet valve options that the Elizabeth shower range has to offer, you can build a custom shower experience. 

The Elizabeth twin shower valve supplies water to a single shower function such as the apron shower head. The twin diverter valve delivers water to one function and can divert to a second, so you could have an apron shower head and riser rail set up. 

The triple shower valve supplies water to two functions, whilst the triple with diverter valve operates two outlets separately or simultaneously and can divert to a third outlet.

Milano Elizabeth Complete Shower Kits

For your ease and convenience, we have created an outstanding collection of complete Milano Elizabeth traditional shower kits, giving you an array of showering possibilities. 

Whether you require a simple yet elegant valve and shower head set up or would prefer a full-on system with massaging body jets, shower head and hand shower kit, we have just what you need at Big Bathroom Shop. 

You can add a majestic touch to your bathroom with a multi-function Milano Elizabeth brushed gold shower or add some vintage chic with a Milano Elizabeth shower in oil rubbed bronze.What’s more, we’ve also created traditional showers with bath fillers, specially designed for use over your bath.

These include both a bath spout and shower head, so you can combine the best of both bathing and showering in your luxury traditional bathroom.

For a truly authentic period look, our complete traditional rigid riser shower kits are perfect for achieving just that. 

These Elizabeth shower kits incorporate a rigid riser rail, shower head and exposed thermostatic valve, whilst the grand rigid risers have the addition of a hand shower. 

There’s also rigid riser kits with a bath spout for your shower bath set-up, ensuring all your requirements are met.

Upgrade To Elizabeth Throughout Your Bathroom

Once you’ve chosen your perfect Elizabeth shower, then why not take things one step further and enhance the opulent look with the Milano Elizabeth taps and traditional towel radiators? 

We even have a range of brushed gold and oil rubbed bronze walk-in showers – perfect for teaming with the gold and bronze traditional showers.

We hope this buying guide has uncovered all you need to know to help you make the right decision, so all you need to do now is head on over to Big Bathroom Shop and shop the beautiful Milano Elizabeth shower collection!

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When To Take A Bath And When To Have A Shower?

Including Baths And Showers In Your Regular Routine

One of the overwhelming findings of our recent research into the showers vs baths debates is that there’s a multitude of benefits associated with both. It’s worth finding the time to fit either into your schedule therefore, but what is the best way to do so?

In this article, we’ll aim to offer key tips and advice with regards to the best timings to take a bath and the ideal spot to take a shower, explaining the when’s and why’s that will be most advantageous pertaining to physical and mental requirements.

Furthermore, we’ll take into account extenuating circumstances that might influence whether a bath or shower is preferable at a particular time for a person in a specific physical state.

And even sprinkle in a few hints alluding to creating the perfect bathing or showering experience for the very best effect…

The Pursuit Of Cleanliness: Showers Or Baths?

Milano Farington Standard Single Ended Bath w/ Back Folding Bath Screen & Front Panel

First things first, stripped down to a base level, showers are the clear outstanding option as it pertains to simply cleansing your body from head to toe.

If the goal is just to achieve a state of the utmost cleanliness, showers must be the selection. They will provide an even distribution of water for full body coverage, eliminating contaminated water during the process.

Whilst indulging in a shower, the water will combine efficiently with the likes of shower gels or soaps to shatter the sweat, oils and dirt attached to the skin. This used water is then disposed of with natural immediacy by running straight down the shower drain.

The Best Times To Take A Bath

So, though making use of shower systems represents a blatant choice when it comes to purely cleaning the body, that certainly doesn’t dismiss baths from the equation as a useful and enjoyable vice.

Baths have a multitude of purposes, stimulating the nervous system and aiding muscle relaxation, all the while providing gentle exfoliation of the skin. The regular use of baths has also been proven to have a positive effect on mental wellbeing, with stress, depression and fatigue less common amongst those who bathe frequently.

But when is the best time to take a bath in accordance with how you might be feeling? And how can a specific type of bath offer the perfect pick-me-up in correlation with your physical or mental state? Read on to find out…

Milano Altcar Stone Grey Modern Freestanding Bath

Milano Select Silver Modern Freestanding Slipper Bath

Baths To Combat Cold And Flu

If you’re suffering from illness like a common cold or flu, a warm bath can help to alleviate some symptoms – the bath water pouring over your chest will be especially helpful.

Essentially, warm baths will help to relax aching muscles, break a fever, and deliver some relief from congestion within the sinuses and chest area in particular.

WHEN you’re feeling under the weather.

Home Healing With Sitz Baths

A sitz bath is essentially the process of sitting in a home bathtub engulfed by warm water which only reaches around the hips and lower buttocks.

This type of bath is a perfect means for the healing of the perineum in the aftermath of giving birth. They can also assist with lesser issues, soothing itching, skin irritation and hemorrhoids.

WHEN you’re suffering from skin irritation.

Soaking To Soothe Stress

As alluded to earlier, plenty of previous research has indicated that a bath is an extremely helpful stress reliever.

Even more so when the bath water is infused with some essential oils, muscle soak solution, bath bombs and the like. Eucalyptus and lavender are particularly enviable ingredients for relaxation, muscle repair and the calming of the mind in an aromatherapy bath.

WHEN you’re feeling stressed out mentally and worn out physically.

Special Skin Remedy Baths

Outside of bathing merely in warm water, there are other types of baths that can act as excellent remedies for sore or dry skin, and form an integral part of a cleansing routine for sufferers of specific skin conditions.

Namely, and most commonly, psoriasis and eczema can be treated with oatmeal baths, which will help to curtail inflammation and redness on the skin. More information surrounding special skin care baths can be found in our dedicated blog, What Are The Benefits Of An Oatmeal Bath?

WHEN you’re suffering from irritable skin conditions.

The Best Times To Take A Shower

Milano Clarus Thermostatic Shower w/ Diverter, Shower Head, Handshower & Overhead Bath Filler

Milano Elizabeth Chrome and Black Traditional Thermostatic Shower w/ Ceiling Mounted Shower Head & Riser Rail

As is the case with taking a bath, the refreshing deluge of water that encapsulates the body during a shower is accompanied by several health benefits.

Amongst these advantages is a propensity to release bodily toxins and soothe muscle aches, as well as helping to enhance the immune system and burn fat.

A look into the best times to take a shower, and which type of shower to take, in line with your physical and mental condition in general…

Showers To Make The Skin Glow

In a process known as vascoconstriction, the blood circulation beneath the skin is improved when taking a shower.

The result of this is a stimulation of the blood flow around the scalp area, which will encourage glowing hair and healthy, shiny skin.

WHEN your skin and hair feels greasy or unclean.

Increasing Immunity In The Shower

Most people’s ideas of a comfortable showering experience involves being engulfed in a warm, fulsome flow of water, perhaps in a rainfall effect. And whilst that’s all well and good, there’s also a multitude of advantages to taking a cold shower, as detailed in our dedicated blog on the subject – Cold Shower vs Hot Shower – What Are The Benefits?

One such key advantage presented by cold showers is their facility to bolster the immune system of the user, even within a shower that might start at a low temperature and gradually increase over time.

WHEN you’re feeling fine and healthy. Any time is realistically a good time to take a cold and/or hot shower to enhance your immune system in due course.

Potential To Assist With Depression

Another monumental plus point of colder showers is that they can potentially assist those struggling with depression.

Showers which begin at a lukewarm temperature, decreasing in stages, are brilliant for stimulating the nervous system and enabling endorphins to be released, thus helping to alleviate depression symptoms.

WHEN you are feeling downbeat or could be struggling mentally.

How To Decide Whether To Take A Bath Or Shower

Milano Newby Right Hand P-Shape Shower Bath w/ Panels, Screen & Waste

In essence, your own priorities with regards to personal hygiene, and how you’re feeling at any particular time, should largely dictate whether you opt to take a bath or a shower.

To achieve a state of comfortable relaxation, tackle chronic pain and alleviate muscle fatigue, a bath is the right way to go.

By contrast, showers would be the preferred choice for those placing a greater emphasis on efficient daily cleansing. And also for anyone hoping to quell the effects of common illnesses, as regular showering can also help to bolster the immune system over time. Especially so when cold temperatures are intertwined with a warmer water flow during body washes.

We have a full dedicated guide on how to take the perfect shower for an enjoyable cleaning experience, but be sure to take into account the multiple positive effects derived from colder showers as well.

Get In Touch With Big Bathroom Shop

If you would like any further advice with regards to the best time to take a bath or shower, or want more information on the specific concerning items like freestanding bathtubs and modern showers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or contact us via InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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Does A Bath Or Shower Add More Value To A Home?

Will Baths Or Showers Enhance The Value Of A Property?

As another notch on the Big Bathroom Shop baths vs showers belt, we’ve dived deeper still into the debate, conducting our own research to determine whether a bath or a shower adds more value to a home.

With the notion already discussed in our Bath Or Shower blog, we’ve now gauged the British public’s opinion on the matter, finding out what percentage of people asked view a bathtub as an essential home fixture and the answers to other key questions.

Can the value of a property really be enhanced or downgraded based upon the presence of a simple bath, or lack thereof?

Read on to see our findings, and what they indicate with regards to baths and showers influencing the cost and saleability of a home.

Do Most People Prefer Baths Or Showers?

Milano Ballam Standard Single Ended Bath w/ Bath Screen & Front Panel

A simple enough way to begin our research was to ascertain whether most people actually preferred baths or showers on the whole. Of course, the 8.2% of people asked who said they never take a bath are highly unlikely to view the lack of a bathtub as a ‘deal breaker’ or see it as having any sort of detrimental effect on the value of a property.

However, a much larger proportion of those surveyed were partial to a relaxing soak. Although 56.1% stated that they preferred taking showers over baths, a decent 37.8% were of the opposite persuasion.

That said, whilst a freestanding bathtub focal point might not be a bathroom priority for that near 40 per cent range, you could expect something like a shower bath to be a desirable property feature to say the least.

Certainly so, the space to accommodate a bathtub of some sort even if one isn’t already fitted would appear to be a key factor to a significant portion based on our research.

Can Lifestyle Factors Influence A Bath Or Shower Choice?

Even on a basic level, it’s simple to see that people will opt to take a bath or shower for different purposes, and the decision could alter from day to day if they have comfortable access to both vices.

Our research backs up the notion entirely though, and spells bad news for those who could potentially be looking to sell on a property in which a bathtub isn’t present.

A big 68.9% of people surveyed explained that a bath helps them to relax, with a majority 56.9% explaining they enjoy hot baths. Furthermore, almost a third of the people asked (28.9%) said they choose to take a bath when feeling stressed, whilst 31.2% cited ‘alone time’ as their reasoning for hopping in the tub.

With data to back up the general idea that baths are a perfect means for unwinding and de-stressing, it’s reasonable to suggest they’ll be viewed as a vital fixture for many following a busy day-to-day working schedule.

Indeed, 34.3% of 25-34 year-olds admitted to taking a bath when feeling stressed, the largest proportion of any of the age ranged inquisitees. The same bracket were the second most responsive (5.8%) when asked if they’d ever taken a bath on their lunch break too, beaten only by the 18-24 clan (7.8%). Kids, eh?

re Showers Seen As Essential?

Milano Nero Black Sliding Door Shower Enclosure w/ Tray

Whilst we’ve loaded up on the bath talk so far, one of the main reasons for doing so is because the far more diminutive stylings of shower systems makes them a practical inclusion for pretty much any home.

And for all the evidence we’ve presented to show how crucial many people see baths, it would appear that showers still have the edge when it comes right down to it, in accordance with our samplings anyway.

A majority 56.1% registered a preference for taking a shower as opposed to a bath, whilst 25.2% said they would never live somewhere that didn’t have a shower. By comparison, 19.2% echoed the same sentiments as it pertained to bathtubs.

So, although the difference might not be massive, our research does suggest that showers are a priority inclusion in comparison with baths. Perhaps most telling though, is the results that suggest people want the best of both worlds.

Almost half of all those surveyed (44.9%) were in agreement with the statement that “when looking at a new property, a separate bath and shower is important to me”. Centrepiece freestanding tubs still are prospectively popular then, as well as modern showers.

Only 28.6% outlined a preference for traditional bathroom styles when searching for a new home, while 40.9% were in favour of contemporary bathrooms.

re Baths Or Showers A More Valuable Fixture For A Property?

Milano Richmond White Traditional Freestanding Bath w/ Brushed Gold Feet

Milano Rosso Matt Bronze Corner Walk-In Shower Enclosure w/ Slate Tray

In essence, the value of a property can be some way determined by how desirable it is to own, to how many people.

And given the fact that showers would tend to be a standard fitting in more or less any home, and that a decent amount of people would not entertain the purchase of a property if it didn’t feature a bathtub, baths probably hold the edge as the more valuable asset.

However, the popular conception that people really want both components has been firmed up by our research, which suggests that as long as there is a bath somewhere in the home, the value of the property shouldn’t be affected.

As aforementioned, shower baths provide a valuable combination option if space is at a premium within the master bathroom of the home. And in instances where a bath isn’t fitted, it could even be worth sourcing a relatively cheap option for installation before the property is placed on the market. An initial outlay of a few hundred pounds could see an added valuation of a couple of thousand tacked on to the price just via the presence of a bath.

Get In Touch With Big Bathroom Shop

Be sure to check out the wide selection of baths vs showers debate articles on the Big Bathroom Shop blog, or for more information or help and advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

You can reach us by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below, or contact us via InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

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Milk Baths: What Are the Amazing Benefits?

milk bath amazing benefits
In this article we explore the amazing benefits of milk baths, how to take one and more importantly, how they work!

Celebrated by beauty gurus for centuries, the first ever record of a milk bath dates right back to the Roman era.

So why have milk baths stood the test of time?…

What are Milk Baths?

A milk bath is simply a bath that you add milk to, in liquid or powder form to help ease a number of skin conditions that cause irritation.

Milk contains something called lactic acid, which helps gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it with a much smoother texture and easing the symptoms of dry, rough skin.

So, Where Did Milk Baths Come From?

As we mentioned above, the first records of introducing milk into a bath dates back to the Roman Empress, Poppaea. Some historians, say that this Empress put bathing on the map after the death of Cleopatra – Fun fact for you!

What Are the Benefits of A Milk Bath?

Itchy skin

As far as scientific evidence goes, there isn’t much on the effectiveness of milk baths. However, the benefits have been passed down from generations for hundreds of years. So, that’s got to count for something, surely?

Despite a lack of scientific research, there are plenty of anecdotal evidence to show that they do help reduce, irritated, itchy, inflamed skin. Here’s how…

Milk Baths Help to Clear Dry Skin

Person with dry skin

Living with extreme dry skin can become as issue. As the skin dries out, other symptoms follow such as itching and irritation. Lying in milk can benefit the skin as it helps to restore lost moisture.

This is because milk contains five elements that our skin loves; proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and lactic acids.

Protein and fats help soften the skin, whilst vitamins and minerals help protect the skin and keep It safe from damage. The lactic acid acts as a gentle exfoliate and stimulates collagen.

Milk Baths Help Reduce Eczema

Eczema on arm

The main symptoms of Eczema are itchy, dry, rough, flakey, inflamed, and irritated skin. Similar to dry skin, there are benefits in milk that helps irritated skin. Once again, this hasn’t been scientifically proven to help Eczema but many people have sworn a milk bath dramatically helps the severity of their condition.

If you suffer bad with your Eczema we would recommend you mention this to your doctor, dermatologist, or pharmacy before trying a milk bath.

Milk Baths Can Help Ease Psoriasis

Psoriasis behind ear

Around 1.1 million people in the UK suffer with the itchy skin condition, Psoriasis, according to research conducted by the University of Manchester. So, if you’re one of these people, milk baths might hold the key to helping ease the irritable symptoms Psoriasis can produce.

The vitamins in the bath may help soothe the itchy, flaky and patchy skin commonly caused by Psoriasis.

Milk Baths Are Said to Soothe Sunburn


Sunburn can cause a nasty sting, as well as permanently damaging your skin – so make sure you are slapping the suntan lotion on. If it’s too late and you’re already badly burnt, we would recommend this remedy to take away the burn.

The fats, acids and proteins found in milk will help soothe sunburnt skin. Soak for around 20 minutes and follow up with an aloe vera moisturiser to nourish the skin.  

How Are Milk Baths Good For the Skin?

A bath of milky goodness is brilliant for your skin as it acts in three ways:

ExfoliatesReduces InflammationHydrates
Soft skin

A Milk Bath Exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells. This happens because of the alpha hydroxy acid/ lactic acid in the milk. Exfoliators work against the top layers of your skin to remove dead or dull cells and helps to improve the overall texture of the skin. Therefore, any dry areas of the skin should be helped by bathing in milk.

Inflammation of the skin can be treated with a milk bath. As we mentioned above, milk contains proteins and vitamins that help reduce inflammation. Once you have soaked in milk, it’s very important to lock moisture back into the skin once burnt. Using aloe vera is a great way to retain as much moisture as possible.

Milk benefits the skin with how well it can hydrate and replenish. Through vitamins, minerals and fats, milk will restore lost hydration

What Type of Milk Do You Use In A Milk Bath?

Pouring milk into bath

When it comes to choosing the type of milk, anything goes. Thanks to our ever-evolving alternatives, there are a variety of milk options to choose from.

Cow’s milk is commonly used in a milk bath. This is because it is the most accessible form of milk. It’s low-costing and full fat cow’s milk is the most nourishing for your skin.

You can also use milk in powder form or milk bath bombs. A natural soothing milk bath bomb can be found at places such as The Body Shop.

If you’re looking for vegan options, soy milk or oat-milk will work just as well.

Milk bath milk options:

Whole milkCoconut milkGoat’s milkSoy milkPowdered milkRice milk

How to Make a Milk Bath?

Now you know what milk to use and the amazing benefits, it’s time to learn how to run the ultimate, soothing milk bath.

Depending on the form of milk you have chosen here are best ways to make a milk-bath.

How To Make a Liquid Milk Bath?

Woman in milk bath

To make a milk bath at home:

Run warm water until the desired amount is reached.Pour 2 cups of your preferred milk.To create a wonderfully relaxing bath, add in the following – honey, essential oils, Epsom bath salts or sea salt.

Top Tip – avoid including any scented products or chemicals, such as bath soaps. To create the ultimate soothing bath experience, add rose petals – it sounds slightly extravagant but we promise you, you won’t regret it!

How To Make a Powdered Milk Bath?

Bath bomb

If you rather use powdered milk or milk bath bombs. Here’s how:

Start to fill your bath with warm water.Add two cups of milk powder or alternatively, plop in your milk bath bomb.Again, feel free to include honey, bath salts or essential oils.Calmly swish the bath water around to mix all the ingredients.Soak for 20 minutes and moisturise thoroughly.

Milk Baths for Babies

Baby in milk bath

We all know how important milk is for babies, especially breast milk. Giving your baby a milk bath has been a popular, gentle way to resolve any irritated skin issues your little one may be having, such as diaper rash, eczema, or even dry patches of skin.

Can Babies Have Milk Baths?

Yes, milk baths are a natural inflammatory for itchy or irritable skin conditions that babies commonly get. Add pumped breast milk (for best results) into some warm bath water until water looks cloudy. The milk is packed with soothing antibacterial properties that will relieve, nourish, and protect your baby from dry, itchy skin.

What Are The Benefits of Milk Baths For Babies?

baby rash

Breast milk baths have been used to treat babies with:

Dry SkinNappy RashEczemaCradle capBaby AcneSkin Feel Soft

There isn’t much scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness. However, Dr’s from around the world have claimed that patients have used this method to hydrate their child’s skin.

So, there we have it. Everything you need to know about this aesthetically pleasing, skin rejuvenating bath remedy.

Read more about bath health benefits here

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Keeping Clean On Company Time?

>How The Pandemic Has Changed Our Cleaning Habits

The last 18 months or so have seen many of us working from home for extended periods of time – and we’ve been taking advantage of this in a range of different ways.

Somewhat safe in the knowledge that we can get up and take things a bit slower than we normally would, some of us stay up past our “usual” bedtime and get out of bed a little later. 

Others kick back in the garden and enjoy a few extra minutes on their lunch break, knowing full well that an additional 15 minutes of lazing in the sun “won’t do any harm”.

And then there are those of us who have decided to shower or bathe on company time. 

That’s right, we British like to talk about the “stiff upper lip” and “just getting on with it”, but we’re just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to getting that little extra time away from our workspace!

Taking Advantage Of The Boss Not Watching

We surveyed 2000 people and found that around 1-in-10 of us were either taking more showers or having more baths since we started working from home. 

And that’s no bad thing, really, as we all know that there are many of us who have taken to showering a lot less since we weren’t allowed to leave the house!

But with the boss not being around to watch us (though that would be weird), we found that men were more likely to take advantage of working from home, with 10% of those surveyed saying they were taking more baths in lockdown – compared to 6.2% of women.

3.8% of men and 3.6% of women have also started taking baths on their lunch breaks, with 7.8% of those aged 18-24 most likely to take the plunge when they should really be fuelling up for an afternoon of work.

And of all the cities in the UK, residents of Southampton are more likely to try and get away from their home office desks, with 10.2% taking more baths in lockdown and 8.2% using their dinner break to have a nice relaxing soak.

re We Really Using Company Time To Take Get Clean?

Making The Most Of Our Bathtubs

Although many more of us are now taking baths in our lunch breaks, the question of whether we are actually eating into company time – and being paid to get clean – still remains. 

The average UK lunch break is 34 minutes – but according to our study, we spend an average of 25 minutes in the bath, so perhaps we’re being a bit hasty calling out the UK’s workforce! 

However, if 25 minutes is the average, that means some of us are spending a lot longer in the bath than others – so who is it? 

Well, according to our data, 35-44 year olds tend to spend a little longer soaking away their worries than anybody else, with 25% of them taking over 45 minutes in the tub. 

However, the biggest offenders for extended lunchtime bathtub breaks are actually the over 55’s – as 6.5% of them freely admit to spending well over an hour giving themselves that “prune-like” glow!

nd Sneaking A Shower

For showers, it’s a little different and perhaps not as naughty as it is taking a bath. 

Of those surveyed, we found that many people only took around 10 minutes to take a shower – which leaves ample time for a bite to eat in the remaining 24 minutes of the average lunch break. 

However, some residents of London (2.5%), Birmingham (1.4%) and Nottingham (1.5%) did say they spent in excess of 25 minutes showering, leaving little time to dry themselves off before needing to be back at their desks. 

Men were marginally more guilty of taking their time in the shower, with 1.3% of those asked stating they spent over half an hour in there, compared to 1.2% of women. 

And it was the millennials in the survey that showered for the longest, with an average shower time of 12.2 minutes, with 5% of that age group taking over 30 minutes in the shower!

What Happens When We Go Back To The Office?

With all this extra time being spent showering and bathing while working from home, it begs the question – what will employers do to accommodate this new-found desire to keep clean when we get back to the office? 

If companies allow a “smoke break” for those people dependent on nicotine, will they have to start allocating time for people wanting shower and bathtub breaks too?

Maybe we’re on the road towards showers and freestanding bathtubs in every office in the country! 

Perhaps we’ll see employees demanding contracts that state they must be allowed to take showers on site and enjoy the relaxation a bath can offer on a daily basis! 

Who really knows? 

One thing is for certain, however, the “new normal” is not as “normal” as we think, and in years to come don’t be surprised to find yourself walking past your colleague in their bath robe, making their way back to their desk, smelling strongly of Original Source or Dove. 

I for one support these possible changes, if only for the singing in the shower competitions that are likely to come about when everyone has got used to it all!

Have You Changed Since Working From Home?

We’ve all been through a lot in the last year and a half, and we’d love to hear how you are doing things differently than before the pandemic began.

Are you a secret lunchtime showerer? Leave a comment below or tag Big Bathroom Shop on Instagram or Facebook and tell us about your own bathroom tales.

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World Toilet Day 2021 – Valuing Toilets

The Toilet. It’s something we never give a second thought. But for 40% of the world’s population, which equivalates to a staggering 4.5 billion people, are without this basic luxury that we first world countries take for granted. Those who are aren’t lucky enough to have access to a toilet struggle to stay healthy, keep their children alive and work their way to a better future.

What is World Toilet Day?

World Toilet Day Official Logo

This year, we celebrate 20 years since World Toilet Day was founded in 2001. The day brings global attention to the sanitisation crisis, that In 2013, the United Nations General Assembly officially designated the 19th of November as World Toilet Day. the Sustainable Development Goals include a target to ensure everyone, everywhere has access to toilets by the year 2030, making sanitation a global development priority.

Over the years this dedicated day has garnered support from the international social community and highlighted how toilets play a crucial role in creating a strong economy, as well as improving health and protecting people’s safety and dignity.

World Toilet Day
Making a difference, together.

This year’s theme is about valuing toilets. The campaign draws attention to the fact that toilets – and the sanitation systems that support them – are underfunded, poorly managed or neglected in many parts of the world, with devastating consequences for health, economics and the environment, particularly in the poorest and most marginalized communities.

Why Is World Toilet Day So Important?

Third world 'Toilet' facilities
Third world toilet facilities
Poor toilet conditions

The toilet is far more important than we think and an essential tool, in order to live a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.

Here’s some shocking facts that drive home the privilege of having access to clean and safe toilet facilities.

297,000 children- that’s more than 800 everyday, tragically die every year from diarrhoeal disease due to poor sanitation, poor hygiene, or unsafe drinking water. These horrifying numbers are from WHO 2019 and are preventable.  Almost half of the schools in the world do not have handwashing facilities with soap and water. Studies have shown that clean and safe toilet facilities help to increase school attendance, especially in girls. Meaning, that poor toilet conditions are why many girls miss out on education.4.2 billion people lack safe sanitisation and globally, 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces. Resulting in disease and illness.Over the past 200 years, toilets have added twenty years to the human lifespan.

woman drinking water

What Can We Do To Help?

The best way to support World Toilet Day is by supporting locally driven organisations that are deeply rooted in their communities. Worldtoiletday.org is a vetted, high-impact non-profit organisation, working to provide greater access to toilets, clean water and improve sanitation.

Ways you can get involved with the movement according to worldtoiletday.org :

1. Do a ‘Big Squat’ 

Hold a big squat and raise awareness of the more than 1 billion people who face the indignity of open defecation, which spreads diseases including cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and diarrhoea.

The idea is to stop, drop, squat and share! Get friends, colleagues, classmates, or family together, invite people in the local community and squat in a public place. Take photos or video, and remember to share them on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Use the hashtags #bigsquat, #worldtoiletday and #opendefecation. 

world toilet day squat challenge

2. Share Far & Wide

Access to sanitation would make life safer and healthier for 1.25 billion women. Join the global movement for toilets and sanitation for all, and raise awareness by posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Tweeting this World Toilet Day.

Show that you care about toilets and sanitation and raise your voice to call for action. Use the following hashtags #wecantwait #worldtoiletday #opendefecation #sanitation 

spread awareness for world toilet day

3. Become a Toilet Advocate 

Clean and safe toilets are fundamental for health, dignity, privacy, equality and education.

You can try and contact your local representative, community leader or member of parliament and let them know you care about public toilets in your area.

Think about if your town needs new public toilets? Are the toilets safe and accessible, clean and well-maintained? Is there an appropriate ratio of toilets for men and women? Talk toilets with your local representative today. 

Make a stance for world toilet day

4. Toilet Selfie 

Did you know that more people own a mobile phone than have access to a toilet? Worldtoilet.org want you to think about how lucky you are when you visit the toilet and want you to snap a #toiletselfie and share It on your social accounts – remember to keep it clean and make your message clear.

Let your friends know they’re lucky if they have access to a toilet and encourage them to join the sanitation movement.

World toilet day selfie

5. Invest in Toilets and Sanitation For All

One third of the world’s population still lacks access to adequate sanitation. Donate to support the work of the World Toilet Organization at worldtoilet.org and your donation will go towards advocacy and awareness, and to support capacity building and social enterprise sanitation projects in Cambodia, India, and Mozambique.

Donate to world toilet day org

6. Learn 

Did you know that toilets and sanitation are considered a human right? In 2010, the UN General Assembly recognised sanitation and water as a human right, essential to the full enjoyment of life and all other human rights. Visit World Toilet Organization’s website worldtoilet.org and the UN World Toilet Day website unwater.org/worldtoiletday to learn about the sanitation crisis and how you can get involved. 

7. Tell The World What You’re Doing 

How will you commemorate UN World Toilet Day on 19 November? Join the call for action to end the sanitation crisis on UN World Toilet Day and share what you’re doing. Reply to @worldtoilet and @UN_Water on Twitter or email [email protected]. Some of the best activities will be featured on the World Toilet Day website and in World Toilet Organization’s social media.  

world toilet day activist

Join the global World Toilet Day conversation and show the world how much you care about toilets and the people of the world who don’t have access to toilet facilities

Get involved on social media using #WorldToiletDay.

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The Importance Of Cleaning Bathmats

>41% of Brits go two weeks or longer until cleaning their bathmat

Only 25% frequently clean this household item as recommended by experts

Brits Admit To Never Cleaning Their Bathmats

Hot baths are a luxury this time of year, but while you are enjoying a relaxing soak you could be forgetting about the not-so-luxurious bacteria build up on your bathmat.

We polled the nation on their cleaning habits and found that almost half of Brits neglect their bathmat, waiting up to two weeks or even longer until they clean it.

A further 13% clean their bathmat only a few times a year and 5% clean theirs only once.

Women in the UK are more likely to clean their bathmat, with 15% doing it twice a week compared to only 10% of men doing the same.

The Hidden Dangers In Your Bathmat

We spoke with home cleaning expert Belinda Everingham to highlight the hidden dangers in a bathroom and provide a simple cleaning guide for bathmats.

Bathmats are a breeding ground for nasty bacteria in the bathroom.

You should aim to clean it once a week at least, depending on how often it is used.

Clung to floors, mats have no way of circulating air or drying off and this will create moisture and result in a build-up of mildew and mould.

“Always remember to regularly clean frequently used bathroom items such as bathmats and towels, as well as highly touched surfaces. These are often the dirtiest places in bathrooms, where germs can be spread.

Belinda Everingham – Bondi wash

Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaner Bathmats

1 – Check The Care Tag

a hand holding a care label on a bathmat

Before any washing, check the care tag.

This will ensure that you treat and clean the mat correctly, depending on the guidance given for the materials used in the product.

2 – Shake It Off

Not only do mats soak up moisture and steam but they also gather dust, dirt and hair.

Shaking  the bathmat before washing is imperative to remove any unwanted debris and avoid clogging up washing machines later on.

If the mat has a rubber side to it, consider using a cloth on this area to pull away any other visible grime.

A vacuum can also be used for day-to-day maintenance- a quick once over will keep on top of your mats between deep cleans.

3 – Put It In The Washing Machine

Portrait of a man, view from the washing machine, loading and washing a dirty bathmat

When using the washing machine for this item, use a warm setting as opposed to hot.

This will be cool enough to prevent discolouration and hot enough to kill any bacteria.

Use your favourite smelling washing detergent and add in baking soda. Half a cup should be fine.

This will help to eradicate odours, brighten colours, and reduce bacteria.

Adding lavender can also help maintain freshness and aid in reducing mildew.

Never overload the washer. Wash one mat at a time and never with other fabrics such as towels, as there is a risk that bacteria could transfer from one material to another.

4 – Hang It Out To Dry

When hanging out a mat to dry, opt for an outside location if possible.

The breeze will prevent any matting together of the material so that it can dry completely before placing back in the bathroom.

If you are lucky enough for some winter sun, this will also help kill any remaining particles.

5 – Ongoing Bathmat Care

Choose an appropriate bathmat.

There are a range of styles and materials out there and some are easier to clean than others.

A regular cotton mat is one of the easiest to maintain.

Keep a few bathmats handy so that while one is washing and drying you have some replacements.

This will prompt you to clean them more often and reduce the risk of bacteria build up in your bathroom.

How Do You Keep Your Bathmat Clean?

Our research suggests that there are a plethora of ways that people clean their bathmats (or don’t), but what do you do to stave off bathroom bacteria?

If you have any tricks and tips on keeping a bathmat clean, let us know in the comments below.

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