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SurePods Close Up – Making the Most of Modular for Multifamily Projects

What do apartments, university dormitories and assisted living facilities have in common? In most instances, a high volume of repeatable units.

In a recent feature on the rise of modular construction, Building Design + Construction (BD+C) acknowledges that “for developers, the rising cost of traditional construction is intersecting with the shrinking cost of modular, making the latter more appealing than ever.”

This is especially true when it comes to bathroom units, which typically require the complex coordination of hiring and scheduling 8 – 12 construction trades ranging from plumbing, electrical, painting, tiling and drywall. As multi-unit housing developers look to innovative solutions to make up for lost time in 2020, modular methods continue to deliver.

Below are three ways SurePods prefabricated modular bathrooms can support developers and contractors looking to make the most of modular construction for multi-unit housing projects:

Accelerating Construction Timelines

“The basic concepts of modular design are not new,” continues BD+C, noting that prefabrication has “been hailed for decades as a solution to inefficiencies, drawn-out timelines and rising construction costs.” SurePods is known for accelerating construction schedules by 10% or more by eliminating bathroom punch lists, which often results in faster revenue generation for multifamily housing projects – prospective residents can sign leases and move in earlier.

Optimizing Material and Labor Resources

Thanks to the precision manufacturing afforded by a factory-controlled setting, material waste is largely eliminated. Bringing construction indoors to a climate-controlled setting also offers a more comfortable, safer work environment. SurePods’ multitude of automated systems contribute to the unmatched efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Eliminating the Bathroom Punch List

In most multi-unit projects, bathroom reworks account for about 60% of punch lists. Prefabricating bathroom pods offsite not only eliminates the coordination of multiple trades, but also eliminates the enormous risk of damaging previously completed work. This keeps quality high and projects moving.

If you’re a developer or contractor involved in multi-family construction and have a project that would make a great fit for pods, let’s talk. Contact us at [email protected].

Why Prefab Construction: Modular Solutions Meet the Need for Speed in Healthcare


While it goes without saying, the healthcare industry experienced previously unimaginable challenges and demands over the past year. As urgent shifts in priorities directly impacted construction methods, healthcare facilities turned to innovative solutions to meet needs and increase capacities. Building Design + Construction reports that “healthcare, in fact, was one of the few nonresidential building types that showed year-to-year increases in construction spending over the first 10 months of 2020,” according to Census Bureau estimates.

To address the urgent need for flexible space and increase capacity for isolation rooms now and in the future, healthcare leaders and facility managers are increasingly turning to modular building methods for quick, efficient and effective solutions. Prefab manufacturers are rising to the moment and pushing the boundaries of what’s doable, from design and production to delivery and installation. For example, SurePods and its prefab partners DPR Construction and Digital Building Components are able to erect an entire semi-permanent hospital wing in just four weeks.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and a factory-controlled environment, rapidly deployable modular solutions are also well-suited to meet healthcare facilities’ long-term needs. Modular building methods not only provide more control over costs, quality and construction schedules, but also reduce labor and disturbances on existing hospital campuses. Project demand shows healthcare facilities are taking note of these advantages. Case in point, prior to 2020, SurePods had already completed more than 2,000 hospital bathrooms for six different hospitals. By April 2020, more than 1,600 additional hospital bathroom pods were in some stage of production or pre-con for nine new hospitals across the United States. In fact, several healthcare networks have further simplified their construction processes by standardizing SurePods’ patient bathroom designs systemwide.

The healthcare industry’s swift adoption of modular building methods continues to push the boundaries of prefab construction. If SurePods’ modular bathroom pods or rapid deployment solutions sound like a match for your healthcare project, let’s talk. Contact us at [email protected].

New SurePods West Facility Opens

As North America’s largest manufacturer of prefabricated bathroom pods, it’s been exciting to witness the industry as it experiences dynamic growth. According to a recent Valuates Reports, “the global Prefabricated Bathroom Pods market is valued at USD 1.41 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 2.95 billion by the end of 2027, growing at a CAGR of 10.53% between 2021 and 2027.” To meet the rising demand for modular bathrooms on both sides of the country, we’re thrilled to announce we’re taking our nearly 20 years of knowledge and expertise to the West Coast as we open the door to our new production facility.

Centrally located in Phoenix, Arizona, the new SurePods West facility will bring to market an additional 1,500 to 2,000 pods annually, with plans to increase capacity as acceptance grows. Not only will this allow us to scale to meet demand as the skilled labor shortage and volatile market conditions drive adoption of modular methods, but it will also make it easier to service and ship our bathroom pods to developers and builders across the Western United States.

“With demand for alternative construction methods rising, we’re excited to scale our production and make prefab bathroom solutions more available to those on the West Coast,” explains Matt Gaskin, Assistant General Manager, SurePods West. “Whether customers are facing high-cost labor markets, complex jobsite challenges or market disruptions, we can help them simplify what is typically one of the most complex components of any large-scale development project.”

To learn more about our brand new operation, check out the full release here. If you have a large-scale construction project in the West Coast that could benefit from our schedule-accelerating bathroom pods, get in touch at: [email protected]. We’d love to show you our facility and discuss how we can meet your needs.

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