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Choosing a Bath or Shower System for Your Small Bathroom

If you’re a homeowner struggling to make a small bathroom work for you and your family, you’re not alone. Space seems to be a problem many families struggle with, but there are some ways you can maximize the space in your bathroom, even when installing a new tub or shower. At Luxury Bath, we offer p…
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SurePods Close-up – How a Prefab Approach Can Keep Projects Moving, Rain or Shine

The construction industry remains one of the most vulnerable sectors to extreme weather conditions. With the industry’s strong reliance on outdoor labor, inclement weather like high winds, heavy rains, and lightning storms can negatively impact a project’s productivity and feasibility, causing delays. In fact, one study reports, “Forty five percent of all construction projects are affected, to some degree, by weather, resulting in billions of dollars in additional costs worldwide, on an annual basis.”

To keep projects moving and on schedule, contractors and developers can turn to prefabricated building methods. Starting in a controlled factory environment and extending to the jobsite, prefab can help mitigate exposure to weather and prevent costly delays.

Resisting the elements in-house

While traditional construction is subject to nature’s timeline, the prefabricated building process takes place in-house and can continue regardless of what the weather is like outside. For example, at SurePods, our quality prefabricated bathroom pods are built from the ground up in a controlled factory environment. This allows our production team to remain unaffected by weather delays. The prefab process also keeps pods away from exposure to other environmental hazards like moisture and mold, improving product outcomes. Additionally, since the inside of our modular factories all remain at consistent temperatures, prefab crews are not only protected from the potentially dangerous elements, but they are also supported with an ideal, well-lit and comfortable working climate.

Alleviating the effects of harsh weather onsite

Since building in areas with extreme weather conditions can cause projects to lose valuable and costly time each day, prefabricated bathroom pods present a significant advantage onsite. SurePods modular bathrooms are built in an isolated setting that allows building to continue in congruence with the prefabricated process. Once the bathroom pods are built, they are wrapped in waterproof and weatherproof packaging. They can be stored out of the elements or delivered to the jobsite when the building is being erected. When it’s time for installation, the pods are loaded into the center of each room fully wrapped and elevated until the building is dry. They are then unwrapped and inspected before being pushed into their final position. This alleviates both material and time constraints onsite by creating a cleaner and safer worker environment while enabling project teams to cut down on labor time.

If you’re looking to mitigate the effects of harsh weather on your upcoming project, let’s chat! [email protected]

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5 Benefits of Working with a Design Consultant

Remodeling requires a serious commitment, not only to time, but to your budget and the project itself. Homeowners tend to put off bathroom remodels more than any other room. That’s not due to a lack of need—in fact, most Re-Bath customers tell us their own bathroom remodel is way overdue—but because they believe the kitchen and family room suffer more wear and tear and are seen more frequently by…


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Excellence In Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

Stellar Ensuite Design Options To Upgrade Any Home

Ensuite bathrooms typically represent a much used, private haven within a home. And as such, they should be moulded into an image reflective of the homeowner’s personal taste and requirements.

Typically compact, ensuite bathrooms provide a perfect area in which to express some creative license as it pertains to interior design, and implement whatever sort of aesthetic takes your fancy – no matter how outlandish it might be.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some stellar ensuite bathroom ideas that can help transform your ensuite into one of the most stylish rooms in the entire home, in spite of a likely diminutive size.

From a variety of colour options to storage hacks, fixtures, fittings and layout recommendations, we’re brimming with suggestions to enhance ensuite bathroom suites to the fullest extent…

Ensuite Bathroom Layout Ideas

The very first thing to consider when plotting your ensuite bathroom ideas is the actual layout of the space, accounting for helpful storage hacks and basic thoughts on the way the room will be styled.

You’ll need to think about which fixtures and bathroom furniture you deem as essential inclusions. For instance, it is highly unlikely that a typical ensuite bathroom size will be able to accommodate a freestanding bathtub. So you might instead have your heart set on a corner shower cubicle.

Door projections inwards and outwards, and how they will impact on essential surrounding fittings such as the toilet or sink are also key elements to keep in mind. Perhaps wall hung toilets or short projection models should be sourced in especially compact ensuite areas.

And see if there’s any way to maximize space by capitalising on unique storage solutions – negating the presence of a bathroom cabinet to fit shelving in a small alcove could be one such stylish, easily implementable means for doing so. Or seek out further inspiration in our blog, 12 Bathroom Storage Ideas For Small Spaces.

Ensuite Bathroom Colour Ideas

Again, the colour scheme of an ensuite bathroom should ultimately line up in accordance with personal preferences. But it would be remiss of us not to mention the general uplift the presence of bright, light tones can bring to the space in general.

Darker or harsher, bolder shades and striking patterns don’t tend to work so well in small ensuite bathrooms especially. So unless you’re decorating a particularly large ensuite room, it is recommended that these types of hues are restricted to the flooring only, if used at all.

Pastel tones and creamy colours are superb interior colour options to really open up the space, especially for an ensuite bathroom in which the infiltration of natural light is at a premium. These sort of shades will reflect any incoming light extremely well.

Whatever colour décor you do opt for, it is imperative to team similar tones together in most ensuite bathroom interiors. Sharp colour contrasts can draw the walls in and make the room appear cluttered, as opposed to the light and airy feel provided by bright, consistent colour combinations.

Furthermore, calmer hues are more likely to better complement the main features of the ensuite, unless black bathroom accessories and other darker fixtures dominate the space.

Best Bathroom Furniture Picks For Ensuite Bathrooms

Milano Lurus Oak 400mm Compact Wall Hung Cloakroom Vanity Unit w/ Basin

It’s been alluded to earlier in the blog, but the role that wall mounted bathroom furniture can play in maximizing space in a bathroom ensuite cannot be underestimated.

The likes of wall hung bathroom vanities are a particularly excellent ensuite vice, teaming impressive aesthetics with immense functionality – a basin meshes seamlessly with effective bathroom storage in one streamlined component.

What’s more, the finish of so many of these type of units will serve to complement the overall interior scheme of an ensuite bathroom. Light oaks, subtle anthracites and glossy whites all prominently feature within a multitude of cloakroom vanity unit ranges.

Outside of main furniture stylings like vanities, toilets and basins, other less essential elements can prove a crucial factor in implementing stylish ensuite bathroom ideas successfully.

Think items such as bathroom mirrors and even smaller, accentuating bathroom accessories (more later) that can deliver a subtle enhancement to the overall ensuite scheme. Chrome accessories are pretty much a failsafe option, and their reflective finish can combine well with light and airy colour themes in modern and traditional ensuite bathrooms alike.

Whatever you do select, it’s again crucial to keep the harmony in terms of your overall colour scheme and surrounding fixtures and fittings, rather than introducing harsh contrast tones.

Get Wise To Accessorize An Ensuite Bathroom

Milano Bexley Light Oak Modern Wall Hung Mirror 700mm x 500mm

After briefly touching on the importance accessories can play in an ensuite bathroom, we can explain in a little more detail why they can represent such a vital element, even in comparison with dominant and more sizeable fittings.

For such a typically restricted space especially, less can indeed be more, and the minute details can actually catch the eye more than larger components.

Plus, that creative license we initially harped on about can perhaps be exercised to a greater extent with accentuating items, rather than with bigger, more obvious defining fixtures. Even the likes of toilet roll holders can make a huge difference, as explained in greater detail in our blog, How To Choose The Right Toilet Roll Holder.

As well as items such as these and accompanying bathroom essentials like toothbrush holders and soap dishes meanwhile, other items can add subtle style to the space, even if they aren’t necessarily ‘household’ bathroom additions.

Bathroom plants housed in snazzy vases, flower arrangements and candles all offer an excellent means to make an ensuite bathroom feel a lot more homely, for instance. They’ll especially serve to upgrade ensuites with a classic, rustic vibe, and those that lean into cottagecore design elements.

And the complementary features of key fittings cannot be dismissed either. Think taps and toilet seats as they pertain to the basin or toilet you have installed, or are planning to fit within an ensuite bathroom.

Crucially, as aforementioned, less is more, so be sure not to overdo it in terms of introducing accessories. You want to retain a spacious, airy feel to the room (even if space is at a premium) as opposed to making the area appear cluttered or too busy.

Ensuite Bathroom Ideas From Big Bathroom Shop

Make sure to browse a superb selection of premium quality bathroom items online with Big Bathroom Shop, ideal for helping you bring your dream ensuite bathroom ideas to life.

And don’t forget to browse the Big Bathroom Shop blog to draw inspiration for ensuite bathroom ideas and all sorts of other bathroom tips and tricks. Or, get in touch with our friendly team for further help and advice.

You can contact us by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below, or via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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Iconic Bathroom Interior Design That Allow For Blissfulness

Iconic Bathroom Interior Design That Allow For Blissfulness

Bathroom Interior Design is always changing and evolving, turning itself into new ways of expressing art and feelings, of generating comfort areas that can truly be engaging and surprisingly unique. In this list we have gathered some of the most incredible bathrooms looks that Maison Valentina has to offer. Do you want to feel inspired? Take a deep dive!

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Blue, comfortable and striking, this bathroom design is a unique one, featuring blue tinted marble that will make you feel submerged in the most relaxing waters.

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Project Profile: The JW Marriott Charlotte

Nestled in the dynamic uptown neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, the new luxurious JW Marriott hotel designed by HKS Architects is a retreat for guests who want to enjoy the southern city’s urban surroundings. Grounded in regal craftsmanship inspired by Queen Charlotte, the city’s namesake, each guest room features upscale amenities and a luxurious bathroom.

To successfully bring the hotel in Charlotte’s booming corridor to life, one challenge the building team faced was reducing laydown on the tight urban site. Recognizing the repetitive nature of all 335 bathrooms in the hotel made them a candidate for off-site prefabrication, DPR Construction proposed utilizing SurePods bathroom pods.

In hospitality construction, bathrooms generate the majority of punch list issues and require complex coordination. General contractors have to sequence 10 construction trades – including electrical, plumbing and finishing work ranging from painting to mirror hanging – all working in an area of about 50 to 100 square feet. With many trades coming and going in a confined area, there’s substantial risk of damage to previously completed work. DPR was able to sideline these issues by working with SurePods. Concurrent construction enabled the team to build in a controlled warehouse environment and reduced the need for onsite skilled labor, designed laydown and staging areas.

Given that the hotel is situated on a crowded busy inner-city street and bordered on two sides by other active construction sites, the prefab approach also helped reduce coordination issues and site challenges. With just-in-time deliveries, SurePods was able to quickly supply bathroom pods and minimize traffic disruptions, in addition to maintaining a safe environment in the largely pedestrian-friendly community.

According to hospitality industry magazine, Hotel Management, the project team was able to prefabricate all customized bathroom pods complete with finishes in accordance with hotel design features and then load them level by level into the 23-story building— all over a period of just 13 weeks. The pod deliveries occurred at night. In a project overview, DPR explained their “team self-performed the loading of the pods into the building and often exceeded production targets.”

As the North American leader of factory-built bathroom pods, SurePods loves to support commercial projects in the hospitality market. Since 2005, we’ve been crafting modular bathroom units and supplying them across the country. If you’re interested in partnering with us, the longest producing pod company in the nation, reach out. We would love to support your upcoming project. Connect with us at [email protected]

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Modern Bathroom Designs: A List To Admire

Modern Bathroom Designs: A List To Admire

Modern bathroom designs are iconic, beautifully planned and intense ways in which you can completely change up one’s bathroom look, you can either add a lot of personality or infuse it with relaxing and calming elements that will boost your rest time. From golden details to uniquely dazzling dark items, this list has it all in an effort to truly inspire your newest bathroom reno.

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Choose a dark color palette with golden details for a flash of splendor!

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How Bathroom Remodeling Design Can Completely Transform Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is more work than just painting the walls and putting in a new tub or shower. Several things need to be considered, and many decisions need to be made. A new shower is one of the most important yet perhaps the most daunting task for the bathroom remodeling. Choosing a shower is not only about what will look good but also what will work best for your family and budget. Before you choose a battery for your remodeling project, here are some things you should consider.bathroom

What is your bathroom remodeling design going to look like? Will it be modern, casual, elegant, country-style, etc.? Before you start anything, the first thing you want to do is decide on a theme, whether it be contemporary, classic, country, rustic, etc. Once you have a theme, you can start thinking of all the different fixtures you will need. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous institutions in today’s bathroom remodeling.

Tile is by far the most popular and easiest way to remodel your bathroom space. You can buy a wide variety of different tile styles and designs from any hardware store or home improvement store. You can buy a tile that will look great in your bathroom, but you may not have the right flooring or wall materials in your bathroom already. Tile is the easiest way to change the look of a bathroom when you are trying to add some personal touches.

Ceramic fixtures are great for almost any bathroom remodeling design. Ceramic tiles come in every size, color, and style imaginable, and they can be very affordable as well. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean, durable, and slip-resistant. One of the most popular types of ceramic tiles is porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are very inexpensive, but they don’t last as long as other types of tiles, like granite or marble, so if you are not planning on redoing your bathroom frequently, porcelain may not be the best choice.

Tub and shower faucets are an important part of any remodeling design. Tub and shower fixtures are usually the focal point of the entire room, so they need to be the perfect size for the room, and they need to be attractive and functional. Most home improvement stores carry a variety of tub and shower fixtures. You can find everything from small soap dishes to large, pedestal-style showers with showerheads. The type of tub and shower fixtures you choose depends on your taste and budget.

Bathroom remodeling trends have changed in recent years. Bathrooms now come in colors and patterns that were unthinkable just ten years ago. Bathroom remodeling design trends tend to be following current trends in home decorating, so darker colors and bolder patterns are becoming more popular. You can also find toilets with a “tongue pillar,” which is a low pedestal toilet that rests on a pair of legs in order to give you the feel of a full bathroom. Bathroom fixtures, including toilet seats, sink, and countertops, have also improved in quality and durability.

Vanities are an important part of every bathroom remodeling project. Vanities allow you to store your personal items without taking up space. Vanities come in many styles, including wood, marble and metal. In recent years, vitally important fixtures, such as bathroom vanities, have included water spigots. Today’s Vitrically Colored Vanities is very beautiful, but if you plan to remodel your bathroom using one of these fixtures, it is important to choose one that is going to be durable and easy to clean.

When you take all these things into consideration, there are many ways that you can change the look of your bathroom remodeling projects. For example, instead of painting your walls or tiling the floor, you may want to consider adding new bathroom tiles. When you tile your walls, choose delicate patterns that mirror the colors of your tile fixtures. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, including various pastels and pastel blues, reds and greens, white, and natural earthy hues. You can also choose tiles that have little hooks on the back so that you can hang your curtains and other accessories from them.

Bathroom Masters ND Interiors Showcasing Their Best

Bathroom Masters ND Interiors Showcasing Their Best

ND Interiors is a full-service design studio operating in Westchester County, New York. Led by Principal Designer Nancy Davilman, the focus on embracing the philosophy that embracing all kinds of different design choices comes from the dynamic relationship between client and designer.

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ND Interiors

Recognized by their keen eye and wide-ranging experience, ND Interior create every single project upon three fundamentals: an understanding of the client’s lifestyle at home, an appreciation for the client’s tastes, and the consideration of the character of the person as well as the character of the home.

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Bathroom Interior Design by MOB Architects

Bathroom Interior Design by MOB Architects

Mob Architects is an interior design and architecture company whose headquarters are located in Rome.

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Bathroom Interior Design by MOB Architects

MOB Architects provides a full range of services to their clients while keeping a high level of quality throughout the project and customizing each project to the demands and desires of the client.

Bathroom Interior Design by MOB Architects

The studio works with a fantastic team which makes it possible to deliver turnkey projects.

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