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Impressive Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern bathroom designs can be charming, beautiful and unique. Here at Maison Valentine, we strive to bring to you the most unique and best bathroom looks we possibly can. As such, we have gathered some of the most unique and intense modern bathrooms for you to admire. Let us take a look!

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Grand Modern Bathroom Designs To Amaze


The bathroom here on display is an incredibly bright and inviting place where one can truly rest in peacefulness after a full day at work.

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Why the Bathroom is Key to Large-Scale Commercial Projects

Believe it or not, bathrooms can be one of the most complex components of any large-scale development project. They require multiple skilled trades working in a relatively small space and demand high quality finishes to be both customized and meet brand standards. With this in mind, guaranteeing streamlined bathroom construction can be the key to the success of any sizeable commercial project—and here’s why.

Bathrooms can make or break construction timelines

For substantial construction projects with demanding jobsite environments, the amount of coordination required to build superior-quality bathrooms can present logistical challenges that threaten timelines. Given that a typical bathroom requires 10 or more construction trades onsite—including electrical, plumbing and finishing work, ranging from drywall and painting to mirror hanging—a single miscommunication or inability to secure a needed trade can cause a bottleneck that significantly delays the schedule. Not to mention, the amount of rework required in traditional bathroom construction can push the timeline out even further.

At SurePods, we understand the importance of completing bathrooms quickly and efficiently, without squeezing an already tight skilled labor market. This is why we provide prefabricated bathroom pods, designed using 3D modeling for onsite compatibility. The pods are built in a factory-controlled setting where skilled trade work is consolidated. They are then delivered, installed and connected to the building’s mechanical systems. Eliminating scheduling hassles, our modular method makes it simple for developers and project teams to accelerate timelines without compromising quality.

On-budget building hinges on bathroom construction

Most developers approaching us know that in high-cost labor markets, bathrooms can be a pricy endeavor. This is due to the many workers that come and go in such a small space, which poses a huge risk of damage to previously completed work. In fact, about 60% of the punch list in commercial projects results from damage to bathrooms throughout the onsite construction process. This, in turn, leads to further expenditure on labor and replacement materials. It also pushes out construction timelines, delaying openings and the period where a return on investment can be realized.

The good news is the exorbitant price of rework can be avoided by using single-sourced prefabricated bathroom pods. The pods adhere to strict quality manufacturing guidelines so that each and every unit comes out as designed per specifications. For projects needing high quantities of repeatable units, leveraging prefabrication can have a significant and positive impact on a project’s bottom line.

Interested in learning more about how our prefab bathroom pods can optimize your large-scale project? Connect with us at [email protected].

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22 Bathroom Flooring Trends for 2022

Our Big Bathroom Flooring Predictions For Next Year

Everybody wants a unique, exciting and memorable bathroom to call their own. 

Some people want a contemporary luxury spa feel, while others prefer decadent marble structures and a more traditional look.

But whatever your taste, the foundation of a truly exceptional bathroom design lies under your feet, in the flooring. 

Big, small, bright or moody, your bathroom can be any of those styles or shapes, but it’s flooring will always be one of the most important things to get right. 

We scoured Instagram, Pinterest and (our fave) Houzz to uncover the bathroom flooring ideas that we think will set the trend next year.

Here’s 22 bathroom flooring ideas that we predict will be gracing the world of bathrooms in 2022.

1 – The Pebble Bathroom Floor

Image from maisonderone

Stylish, slip resistant and relatively inexpensive to install, pebble or rock flooring provides a great material for wetroom and walk-in shower floors. 

Create a truly unique look with any number of pebble combinations and find the stars of the show in your local river or on a nearby beach, to save a little more money to spend elsewhere in the bathroom! 

Though laying the pebbles can take a bit of time, you can do it without the need for professional help – if you are feeling brave!

2 – Coloured Floor – Neutral Walls

Coloured bathroom and Neutral Walls By Lien Tran Interior Design
By Lien Tran Interior Design – Image from materialsource

If a neutral floor palette seems boring to you, why not go for an exciting splash of coloured tiling and do something completely different?

In this simply stunning space designed by German designer, Lien Tran Interior Design, the bright coloured floor tiles contrast with the marble feature walls to create a bright and vibrant space that is grown up while still being fun.

3 – Embrace Japandi Tranquility

Kasai Carta Sakura porcelain tiles from Tile Club
Kasai Carta Sakura porcelain tiles from Tile Club – Image from bathrooms_of_insta

The emerging trend of 2021 will only “blossom” further next year, and these stunning Kasai Carta Sakura porcelain tiles from Tile Club are certain to create the peaceful and relaxed vibe in your bathroom. 

Combining the ever popular Scandi style and the more natural elements of Japanese design, Japandi leans heavily on natural materials and neutral colours to create a calm and clean aesthetic that adds a harmonious feel to the bathroom.

We expect to see this sort of floor and wall tile in many bathrooms across Instagram in 2022 – we simply cannot take our eyes off it!

4 – Weave Your Way To A Stunning Mosaic Bathroom Floor

Weave Equator & Thassos Mosaic Tile by The Tile Club
Weave Equator & Thassos Mosaic Tile – Image from thetileclub

Made from Equator marble and featuring clean and crisp white and grey colours, these durable tiles have a natural beauty that creates an interesting geo pattern on your bathroom floor.

The lighter colouring in this tile makes it ideal for bathrooms with no natural light source and it works beautifully with the ever popular Scandi style of bathroom space. 

Find them at Tile Club.

5 – Black Herringbone For Ultimate Drama

Black Herringbone For Ultimate Drama

This open wetroom contrasts the deep and sensual black herringbone tiles with the ever popular white subway tiles on the walls. 

With a pair of chrome overhead rainfall showers, simple shower screen, and contrasting wooden bench, you would be hard pressed to find a space exuding a more grown up Scandi style than this.

Supremely stylish and modern, black herringbone will never not be cool to look at and we expect to see it a lot more next year!

6 – Moroccan Fish Scale (Shell or Mermaid Tiles)

Colourful Moroccan fish scale tiles
Image from mmmina

“Shell tile” sounds so much nicer than “fish scale” and “mermaid tile” has a 70’s sort of a ring to it – but they are one and the same. 

Quirky and unorthodox, Moroccan fish scale tiles are a fun option for your bathroom flooring design and you can play with colours to your heart’s content to create a space unique to your own style. 

For some they may be a little too wild, but for many it’s a pattern that offers something out of the ordinary for a more progressive-looking bathroom.

7 – Even Bolder Colour Blocks – Brave Bathroom Flooring

Even Bolder Colour Blocks - Brave Bathroom Flooring

The UK has some of the smallest bathrooms in Europe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be brave and bold with your flooring colour choice. 

Bold is beautiful and just because you have a smaller bathroom space, you don’t have to limit your colour choices to plain and simple. 

Simple square tiling in contrasting primary colours can create a wow factor in big and small bathroom spaces – so don’t be afraid of teaming bold colours together – as this 2022 bathroom flooring trend is all about being brave!

8 – Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles

Terrazzo Nouveau Ivory Matt Porcelain by Mandarin Stone
Terrazzo Nouveau Ivory Matt Porcelain by Mandarin Stone

Big in 2021 and continuing that way next year, Terrazzo was one of our favourites from the last 12 months and we would hope that people continue to recognise its subtle yet striking qualities. 

Super hardwearing and available in a range of colours, this marble chipping and cement combo tile is made from off cuts of other materials, so is a more sustainable bathroom flooring option.

Easily paired with almost any other colour, it provides an attractive, durable and striking look that lasts and that (we feel) won’t ever go out of style!

9 – Terracotta and Earth Tone Tiles

Terracotta tiles by SomerTile @ Overstock
Terracotta tiles by SomerTile @ Overstock

The warm and earthy tones of classic terracotta are on the rise and growing in popularity. 

Looking beautiful when combined with Terrazzo, shades range from warm clay and apricot hues through to red brick and fire orange.

This tile colour and design will make a huge impact in 2022 and can be stunning when paired with brushed copper and bronze brassware – both of which you will see much more of next year.

10 – Hexagonal Heaven

Hexagonal Tiles - Image from LivForInteriors
Hexagonal Tiles – Image from LivForInteriors

Big as a plate or as small as a fifty-pence piece (but with fewer sides) hexagon tiles come in a range of sizes and have long been a regular favourite for the bathroom floor. 

If you do opt for the very small ones, be careful to match them with a plain surface so they stand out and don’t have to compete with other textures. 

Colour choices are varied, but for a calm and soothing hexagonal flooring effect, white is always good, while green, blush and coral are proving to be ever more popular on Instagram.

11 – Green & Gold(With Hexagons Again!)

Art Nouveau Balluta Buildings - Image from Drummonds
Art Nouveau Balluta Buildings – Image from Drummonds

If you look back through the decades of bathrooms gone by, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that would say they loved the green bathrooms of the 70’s and 80’s. 

In 2022, however, we can see green make a big impact and come back to prominence in bathrooms and ensuites – finally laying to rest the ghosts of it’s sickly avocado past.

Paired with traditional gold brassware, green floor and wall tiles create a kind of “art nouveau” feeling that brings the look together to create a stunning sense of the dramatic throughout the bathroom.

12 – Wood Floors For Spa-Lovers

Image from @deecampling
Image from @deecampling

If you’re looking for a truly “Zen” design, wooden flooring and wall accents can help you achieve it, brilliantly. 

Wood can help to soften the hard ceramics that are found in a bathroom, and the impact it can have on light and sound in the space is impressive too.

Seal your bathroom wood with boiled linseed oil or urethane as this will help to keep your natural wood grain nice and vibrant – and treat it outside before bringing it indoors as both linseed and urethane can have a strong smell!

Pair your wood floors and accents with traditional style bathroom furniture to create your own 2022 take on this classic bathroom style!

13 – Pattern It Black & White Mediterranean

Image from Complete Colours & Interiors
Image from Complete Colours & Interiors

Sometimes called “Tuscan” or “Spanish Modern”, we expect to see a little more of this style on “the Gram” in 2022.

Along with the terracotta comeback, Tuscan style bathrooms are again on the rise here in the UK and beyond – as it seems we just can’t shake that “led on a beach in the Med” vibe! 

This style was hugely popular in the USA in the noughties, but we’re hoping for a resurgence in the UK, this time with more ephasis on monotone styling.

To achieve this look, think about using patterned monochrome flooring, like this Spanish floor tile installation from Anissa Grossman at Complete Colours & Interiors.

14 – Marble SlabBathroom Flooring

From Laura Hammett Instagram - Image by Julian Abrams Photo
From Laura Hammett Instagram – Image by Julian Abrams Photo

Marble is versatile, durable and works alongside a range of colour schemes.

Adding value to your home, marble bathroom floors have seen a resurgence in Europe throughout 2021, and with good reason.

Sophistication, grandeur and a luxurious vibe are guaranteed with a marble floor – think expensive spa day or exceedingly posh hotel and you won’t be too far away from a dream bathroom at home!

15 – A Polka Dot Paradise

Image from Apartment Therapy Instagram
Image from Apartment Therapy Instagram

Right now you’ll find polka dot bathroom accessories in almost every furnishing store you can think of. 

Why? Because it’s on the way up the trends chart. 

The irony – and it’s not lost on us – is that polka dots used to be associated with the plague and uncleanliness – and yet here we are in 2021/22 and we’re using them in the cleanest room of our homes. 

Helping to create a classic look and feel, polka dots could be far more adventurous too if you opt for the coloured variety – with gold polka dots seen quite regularly across Pinterest, Houzz and IG.

16 – Geometric Shapes & Unusual Patterns

Image from The Nord Room
Image from The Nord Room

Geometric tiling is still a trend we love, and we’ve seen a lot more of it over the last 12 months too. 

Though the style has never really gone away, linear and angular furniture designs have probably contributed to geometric flooring becoming popular again. 

Warmer tones paired with neutral wall tiles can achieve a beautiful country-style bathroom if paired with a freestanding bathtub and traditionally styled brassware. 

If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous try tiling a little further up the wall and you’ll create a lavish bathroom space that is sure to turn heads.

17 – Stencilled Designer Bathroom Floor

Image from Stencil Revolution Instagram
Image from Stencil Revolution Instagram

You know the old design saying “if you don’t like something, paint it”? Well, that’s what bathroom flooring stencil fans tend to say to justify their work! 

Designer bathroom stencilling is a great idea and not limited to any one style or design.

A great DIY bathroom project that will work on almost any type of bathroom floor, we love the stencils from Royal Design Studio – who have a seemingly endless supply of amazing ideas! 

Relatively inexpensive when compared to completely retiling or laying out a new floor, stencils could be where you save a little extra money to spend on more luxurious bathroom items.

18 – Zellige Tile Bathroom Flooring

Zellige Tiles by BestTile
Zellige Tiles by BestTile

Another Moroccan favourite of ours – and everyone else’s – are Zellige tiles. 

Handmade and with a definitively unique and imperfect charm, Zellige tiles were everywhere back in 2019, but we predict they’ll make a slow and sure comeback to the walls and floors of UK bathrooms in 2022.

As each of them are hand moulded, hand cut and hand finished there are no two Zellige tiles that are the same, which is not ideal for the perfectionists out there!

19 – Cork Bathroom Flooring

Eco-friendly Cork Floor - Image from Ideal Home
Eco-friendly Cork Floor – Image from Ideal Home

As we look to become ever more eco-friendly and go green in our approach to modern living, there is certain to be a rise in the use of cork flooring in bathrooms, and that’s just one of the reasons it makes it into our list.

A unique and eco-conscious flooring material, cork is fabulous for bathroom floors as it is resistant to mould and mildew and works brilliantly in damp bathroom spaces. 

Spongy and filled with natural air pockets, cork is soft and comfortable under foot, and though it is more expensive than floor tiles and carpet (who uses carpet these days?) we are certain you’ll see more of it in your IG & Pinterest feeds in 2022.

20 – Classic Penny Tiles

Penny Tile Bathroom Flooring - LittleBlackBookOfInteriors
Penny Tile Bathroom Flooring – LittleBlackBookOfInteriors

A distant cousin of the hexagonal tiling above, penny tiles are the ultimate in classical bathroom flooring options.

First gracing the bathrooms of the early 1900’s they are slowly but surely becoming popular again, and we expect big things for these small tiles in 2022. 

With their non-slip surface making them great for wetrooms and high traffic bathrooms, they are perfect for wrapping around curved areas, thanks to their diminutive size and look stunning every time.

Normally used in classic black and white, today’s penny tiles come in a glittering array of colours and patterns that will help to create a unique flooring style in your bathroom.

21 – Real Stone Bathroom Flooring

Image from The Stone & Tile Company Instagram
Image from The Stone & Tile Company Instagram

A stunning way to make a bold and elegant style statement, natural stone is a great bathroom flooring material that is both strong and durable.

Real stone flooring is expensive and decadent, but that is to be expected, as every quarry in the world has a slightly different type of stone with different veining and colouring guaranteeing a unique look that won’t be found anywhere else in the world.

A really strong and positive selling point for any home, natural stone will be seen a lot more in 2022 as new and more effective synthetic sealants make it a viable material for use in wet rooms and walk in showers.

22 – Lily Pad Porcelain Tiles

Bathroom Designed By Tracy Cole of HelloFloraUK
Bathroom Designed By Tracy Cole of HelloFloraUK Instagram

A best-selling tile of the last 3 to 4 years, lily pad offers a striking geometric pattern with angular lines that has been inspired by patterns found in nature. 

The lily pad pattern has no boundaries when it comes to helping you achieve a versatile look that can be either modern or traditional. 

It’s fab at making small spaces feel much bigger than they are, which is probably why it is finding its way into more UK bathrooms and ensuites. 

Although it was huge in 2019, 2020 and 2021, we don’t see this style going away any time soon, and if anything it is set to be even more colourful and popular as it is a tile that can help to create a range of visual effects that enhance your bathroom space.

Next Year’s Trends – What Do You Think?

So there we are!

Our 22 bathroom flooring trends for 2022.

What do you think?

Do you have any favourite bathroom flooring ideas we haven’t shared here?

Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to tag @Big_Bathroom_Shop on Instagram and show us your own Big Bathroom projects!

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Home remodeling services can make your home look great. There are many ways to improve your home’s looks, which can help you sell it fast. You will have to work with a contractor, and there are some things you can do to ensure that you get the best remodeling services. Make sure that you find out what remodeling services are offered before you decide on improving the look of your home. You will want to consider hiring a contractor to do some of the work, but there are some things that you can do to take care of some of the work that is needed.

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